My SWINE FLU Poster Made the New York Times!!!

….. OK, their art blog, but still!

Conversely, the poster titled “Swine Flu Beware the Pandemic,” by the artist with the nom-de-crayon LuvataciousSkull, (available through the online poster and T-shirt store, which shows an eerie drawing of a pig’s head atop the universal toxic waste symbol, suggests the film “28 Days Later,” in which a virus turns the world’s population into zombies. This is not exactly the scenario we want to conjure when thinking about the flu.

Pretty sweet, huh?

So, want an awesome poster for yourself? Check it out here:

Introducing BLACK LABEL – 25 Years in the Making!

Larry West's Black Label Line!

Well, today’s my birthday, and I am THRILLED to have it! My god, 25 years old. What’s that line from that Megadeth song “Of Mice and Men”? “At 25 I was surprised / That I was even half alive / somehow I managed to survive!”

On top of that, I am pleased to basically announce a bunch of things at once!

First off, I am pleased in ways you can’t even begin to imagine to announce the new “Black Label” line of products! “Black Label” has, in my life, always stood for quality and brilliance, and the best of the best! Also, I love the Lamb of God song “Black Label” as well. The Black Label emblem has been in the works for over 10 years, and I finally created the one I like the most and works the best. You can read all about the piece on Deviant Art.

Next, I am pleased to announce that the new LARRY WEST PRODUCTION SHOP is now up and running! What is it, exactly? The purpose of the shop is to basically connect all the shops I own to on pipe-line that’s easy to navigate and highlight new products and lines that I have available! Zazzle, Cafepress, and Board Pusher are all here! Look for new partners, special offers, and original artwork and prints to come REALLY soon!

Finally, I’m pleased to note that I am now officially old enough to run for either Mayor of City Council in Philadelphia. So corrupt and inefficient politicians beware! Next year could get interesting!

Logo for the City of Philadelphia 2010: A Graphic Design Odysee

Philly Logo

What a long, strange trip its been!

OK, its not. Actually, it was a really short one, but incredibly fun! On New Years Eve, I found out Technically Philly was having a contest to see what design should be submitted the city to replace the much-despised current logo that was revealed last year. The deadline was 4:15pm the following Sunday. I had an idea in my head for a project concerning American Patriotism and decided to tweak it and use it for this instead.

After a lot of hours of work and tweaking, I finally got something I thought was perfect and sent it off!

Feel free to check out the logo here on DeviantArt!

Sadly, I lost, but to something really good. Congrats to Sara DeMarco on winning!

I still love my logo, and I wanted to make the most of it. So feel free to check out the full line of products on my shop on



I’m having a massive sale on all t-shirts, mugs, and binders! Be sure to head over to my account at and check out the selection!

The sale runs from now until January 5th! Use coupon code NEWYOUZAZZLE !


Die Rabbit Die Print print
“Die, Rabbit. Die!” Print by LuvataciousSkull
See other poster designs on

I want to say that this piece is “out of the crypts”, and to a degree it is. I did it back in 2004 and its a fairly rare expressionist piece I did with pen and ink. I’ve been asked a lot what the piece means and, really, I don’t want to say it. Its a deeply personal piece in terms of that.

I posted it online after I finished it and a lot of people liked it so I decided to turn it into a poster. It’s a piece and style that I’ve gone away from as of late, but I thought it would be nice to just put it out there again.

Well, enjoy!

DON’T! (Tread on Me) – New Piece!

Don't! (Tread on Me) print

Don’t! (Tread on Me) by LuvataciousSkull

I did this piece back in July and finally got a chance to post it today. The piece is called “Don’t! (Tread On Me)” and is based on the Gadsden Flag that was flown at the birth of America. In my version, it’s a recoiled snake skeleton ready to pounce on any and all who dare to cross it!

This piece was a lot of fun, and work, to get done. The research drove me up a wall and the inking took hours. I really dig this one!

SWINE FLU – Beware The Pandemic! Poster

As of 4/28/2009, Swine Flu has been upgraded to a Level 5 Disease by WHO, which is a step away from a full-blown pandemic. In the eyes of myself, and many others around the country, this entire situation is overblown and a joke. At least, hopefully its all this will be.