Logo for the City of Philadelphia 2010: A Graphic Design Odysee

Philly Logo

What a long, strange trip its been!

OK, its not. Actually, it was a really short one, but incredibly fun! On New Years Eve, I found out Technically Philly was having a contest to see what design should be submitted the city to replace the much-despised current logo that was revealed last year. The deadline was 4:15pm the following Sunday. I had an idea in my head for a project concerning American Patriotism and decided to tweak it and use it for this instead.

After a lot of hours of work and tweaking, I finally got something I thought was perfect and sent it off!

Feel free to check out the logo here on DeviantArt!

Sadly, I lost, but to something really good. Congrats to Sara DeMarco on winning!

I still love my logo, and I wanted to make the most of it. So feel free to check out the full line of products on my shop on Zazzle.com.