Just Got the Flyers for My Show!

I’ve had a really, really, weird week up to, and including today. I’ve had a feeling of impending doom mixed with malaise mixed with other things. Really, I’ve just been kinda depressed. I have a little over a week left before my show and, so far… I have nothing. Nada. Everything is planned out, but nothings printed, I still didn’t even order my business cards, and I don’t feel like I measure up as an artist as I should. I think a lot of artists go through that last bit.

So today I got a call from Digital Ferret saying the flyers for my show came in! BLEW ME AWAY! I couldn’t believe it! Something like that… well, I’ve been planning this show since February, and after a while, the show becomes more of an “abstract thought” than a tangible thing. Getting the flyers for your show in your hands… well, it makes everything a lot more real!

Only 10 days to go, and I’m getting really psyched now!