The Department of Trepidation

The Department of Trepidation - Logo

Back in June, I had an idea to help get people interested in the world around them: The Department of Trepidation!

The concept was simple: Create a series of posters based on current events to get people talking. The result was a lot of people discussing the topics I brought up, including “flash robs”, soda bans, schools, “Stop and Frisk”, invasion of privacy, oil companies, and the feeling of day-to-day life drudgery.

I also gave away all of the posters for FREE so people could download them, print them out, and do whatever they wanted with them.

Below are just a few of the posters. Each one links to the one on Deviant Art, but you can always download the PDF’s on the original The Department of Trepidation site.

We're Watching You - Poster We'll Ban Soda before we ban Cigarettes Live Work Die