My SWINE FLU Poster Made the New York Times!!!

….. OK, their art blog, but still!

Conversely, the poster titled “Swine Flu Beware the Pandemic,” by the artist with the nom-de-crayon LuvataciousSkull, (available through the online poster and T-shirt store, which shows an eerie drawing of a pig’s head atop the universal toxic waste symbol, suggests the film “28 Days Later,” in which a virus turns the world’s population into zombies. This is not exactly the scenario we want to conjure when thinking about the flu.

Pretty sweet, huh?

So, want an awesome poster for yourself? Check it out here:

Helping Out Agains the Swine Flu

It’s safe to say that, while this event seems to be overblown, there is reason for people to get involved, if only to help others understand what’s going on out there. To that effect, I’ve created a flier with facts to help everyone out there. Also, 50% of all the profits from products with this image from now until May 22nd will be donated to the Red Cross.

We are currently seeing this become close to being a Level 6 Pandemic by the World Health Organization. While I think we are all over-reacting right now, I wanted to do something to try and help educate people about this, as well as help a charity along the way.

Click Here for the Informational Flyer – Here for “Beware the Pandemic”

SWINE FLU – Beware The Pandemic! Poster

As of 4/28/2009, Swine Flu has been upgraded to a Level 5 Disease by WHO, which is a step away from a full-blown pandemic. In the eyes of myself, and many others around the country, this entire situation is overblown and a joke. At least, hopefully its all this will be.