Larry West – Gig Poster Portfolio – NOW AVAILABLE!!!!

Larry West - Gig Poster Portfolio

Larry West here!

I’ve compiled my 10 favorite Gig Posters and put them together in an ULTRA-LIMITED EDITION SET! I’ve been designing and creating gig posters for years and I decided it was time to present them in the best way possible!

Each poster is printed on 90lb Vellum Paper stock and comes in a one-of-a-kind folder designed and assembled by myself! Each set includes:

Each set is shipped flat via USPS Priority Mail and comes with tracking. The first TEN BUYERS will get a SPECIAL SURPRISE!!!!

As an added bonus, if you guy the set on Black Friday (November 25, 2011), I’ll actually toss in a FREE SKETCH!!!! Remember, its only for tomorrow!!!

It’s all yours for only $100! CHEAP! Especially since each print tends to sell for $20 or more, this is a DEAL! So come on, buy one! NOW!

So Obama Hasn’t Been Quite the President You Tought, Huh?

As we see Obama essentially fail on everything he said he would be, I am reminded of a lyric; “I beg your pardon/ I never promised you a rose garden.”

In a way, that’s the case here. He never really did promise us the moon and the stars, and he never said he would bring about world peace. He did, though, promise us “Hope” and “Change”, among other things. So far, he has failed to shut down Guantanamo Bay, delivered a really mediocre health care bill, kept up warrant-less wiretapping, sent more troops into war the same week he got a Nobel Peace Prize, and now he’s given the Republicans something else they wanted; a tax cut for the upper-class.

As weak as he’s been… it would be ignorant of me to ignore the good he has done. A really awesome site to see all of this is “What the fuck has Obama done so far?” It’s really good, incredibly informative.