Now You’re Playing With POWER!

Now You're Playing with POWER!

I did this piece for an upcoming art show called “8-Bit and Beyond”, which is being held by The Autumn Society of Philadelphia, a group of illustrators from Philly and the surrounding areas. It was really humbling to get to do something for it, and I was really psyched to get it done! My friend posed for this and, well, it was a ton of fun! Mixing illustration with pop-art techniques and elements of 80’s graphic design… good times!

Special thanks to everyone who supported me in this, and I can’t believe what I went through to get it done! From taking risks by just doing the sketching and seeing what happened, inking it a lot more loosely than I normally do instead of being incredibly rigid, the adventures of going to Center City to get a reduced copy only to realize I left the original on the copier and being forced to get it back, to coloring it…. Just so much fun!