My Modern Propaganda Posters

I love doing Propaganda posters. In the past few years, I’ve done some from faux-propaganda to real posters for real events to help gain support for a cause.

The one thing that I usually do is go for a more “classic” look, with a focus on Art-Deco, Constructionism, and Art-Nouveau styles. This time, I decided to just go a completely different route and focus on more modern design techniques. There wasn’t a set agenda; I just wanted to do something different. If something came to mind, I would do a poster on it.

I wound up doing one based on my feelings about how marketers treat and use modern social networking and treat it, and in the turn the people who use it, as a commodity. Another one made fun of the “going green” movement, another on how the Great Recession is only over for the rich, and finally I did one during Rand Paul’s Filibuster.

You Are a Commodity

Go Green!

The Recession is Over!

No President has the Right to Kill