Creative 365: The Best of May

The Creative 365 project is me doing everything I can to do something amazing and creative every single day for a year! Every month, I plan on posting the best pieces from it for you here!

It was a month of experimentation and pushing new limits. We lost of Jeff Hanneman of Slayer, Philadelphia decided to install more cameras, and I decided to motivate myself to create some of the best work I’ve done to date.

I wound up attempting a redesign of Model Mayhem, experimenting with mixed-media, and a few typography exercises. All in all, it was a pretty solid month.

The Girl in the Slayer Vest

I'm OK With Cameras!

Pennsylvania Prime

My Name is Roxy, and I fucking hate you!

Almost Again

No Excuses

Change the World

Iron Knuckle

Hallelujah Motherfucker

Model Mayhem Profile Redesign

Creative 365: The Best of April

The Creative 365 project is me doing everything I can to do something amazing and creative every single day for a year! Every month, I plan on posting the best pieces from it for you here!

April was a month of incredible highs and lows. Not a lot of illustrations, but with the events in Boston it gave me a chance to do something to try and help some folks in Boston.

Procrastination is the Enemy of Creativity

It Feels like I'm Suffocating

It Might have Been

Boston Strong

We Got Him!

The Gate


Album Cover idea

My Modern Propaganda Posters

I love doing Propaganda posters. In the past few years, I’ve done some from faux-propaganda to real posters for real events to help gain support for a cause.

The one thing that I usually do is go for a more “classic” look, with a focus on Art-Deco, Constructionism, and Art-Nouveau styles. This time, I decided to just go a completely different route and focus on more modern design techniques. There wasn’t a set agenda; I just wanted to do something different. If something came to mind, I would do a poster on it.

I wound up doing one based on my feelings about how marketers treat and use modern social networking and treat it, and in the turn the people who use it, as a commodity. Another one made fun of the “going green” movement, another on how the Great Recession is only over for the rich, and finally I did one during Rand Paul’s Filibuster.

You Are a Commodity

Go Green!

The Recession is Over!

No President has the Right to Kill

The Department of Trepidation

The Department of Trepidation - Logo

Back in June, I had an idea to help get people interested in the world around them: The Department of Trepidation!

The concept was simple: Create a series of posters based on current events to get people talking. The result was a lot of people discussing the topics I brought up, including “flash robs”, soda bans, schools, “Stop and Frisk”, invasion of privacy, oil companies, and the feeling of day-to-day life drudgery.

I also gave away all of the posters for FREE so people could download them, print them out, and do whatever they wanted with them.

Below are just a few of the posters. Each one links to the one on Deviant Art, but you can always download the PDF’s on the original The Department of Trepidation site.

We're Watching You - Poster We'll Ban Soda before we ban Cigarettes Live Work Die


On February 11th, 2011, the people of Egypt did what very few people imagined was possible: They peacefully forced their dictator of 30 years, Mubarak, to resign and hand over his power to someone else! The hope? That this will be the start of something big! That this will be the dawning of a new age fore the people of Egypt full of democracy and freedom!

When I created my original “Free Egypt” poster, I had no idea that the people of Egypt would be able to achieve something so amazing so fast! My heart goes out to the people of Egypt and I sincerely hope that this works out for the best!

You can buy a print of the poster here on

You can check out the original artwork on DeviantArt here.

FREE EGYPT! – Support the Cause!

On January 25th, 2011, the people of Egypt took to the streets to protest against a government that they felt was false. They demanded that their “president”, elected in fraudulent elections for 30 years, leave office immediately so that they could have truly free elections and a government that they felt really reflected their concepts and values.

While many of us can’t fight in the streets with them, I wanted to do something to show my solidarity with them and give myself and everyone else a chance to show their support as well.

I created this because, for me, the events in Egypt is the embodiment of what freedom truly means. It is simply inspiring to see the events in Egypt, and I am proud of the people of that country for protesting peacefully. They have taken to the streets, to their cellphones, and social networks to cry out, speak out, and cry out against the tyrants in their land!

They want democracy, TRUE democracy! They want the same rights and freedoms we take for granted daily, and for that I greatly support them!

Check out the piece on DeviantArt and please spread the love. 🙂

Julian Assange – Truth at Any Cost?

Check it out on DeviantArt.

Well, there’s quite a bit about this one…

This is Julian Assange. As you may or may not know, he is the man behind Wikileaks. What is Wikileaks, you ask? Well, that depends mainly on who you ask.

Some people say its a massive plan to take down the American Government. Others say he’s a hero for pointing out what the US Government is doing.

In actuality, Wikileaks has been around since 2006, and no one has been credited as the actual founder. In fact, Julian Assange is on the advisory board for the group, and has served as the face of the organization. Its also worth pointing out that Assange is actually an Australian Journalist, so he can not accurately be called a traitor or someone committing treason in the US.

Within in the past 2 weeks, the site has exploded after exposing the US Diplomatic Cables. The single best thing to come out of it, the one thing that, more than anything, I’m glad to see come out of this was the fact that the US Government has, in fact, LIED about the threat North Korea posses.


When I created this piece, I didn’t have a fully-formed opinion about Julian Assange or Wikileaks. More than anything, I just had questions. Is he a hero or a villain? Is what he and Wikileaks doing truly the right thing? Does it cause more harm than good?

In the end, I still don’t know. What I do know is that this reminds me more than anything of Emmanuel Goldstein, the Enemy of the State in George Orwell’s Nineteen-Eighty-Four. The vilification, the charges against him… it doesn’t seem real.

This piece isn’t in support of him, nor is it really against him, either. Instead its just me trying to get my feelings out about this.

The one thing that makes me scared about this, about all of this, is the threat this may pose to free speech and dissent in America. During the Bush era, everyone was afraid of our freedoms being oppressed and of the government crushing dissent. Now, someone has released something showing the problems with the way the US does things… and they are trying to shut him up.

That, more than anything else, scares me.


The photo of Julian Assange comes from Flickr User espenmoe (Espen Moe), who I greatly appreciate for allowing everyone in the world to use:

The Wikileaks logo comes via Wikileaks themselves and is used under a Creative Commons license of free use with attribution:

Also, as for use of this image: NO COMMERCIAL USE AT ALL WITHOUT PERMISSION. That’s about it. Otherwise, enjoy!

HELP HAITI – Hatian Earthquake Relief Effort Poster

Haitian Earthquake Relief

This flyer is not for me.

Watching the images coming out of Haiti, the level of devastation

The earthquake destroyed lives, and devastated a weakened nation. It was nothing short of inspiring that, despite all the problems that have plagued this country, that they have gathered together to make sure that everyone stays safe and survives.

This flyer isn’t for me. Its or you. Download it, distribute it, and tell everyone you know about it. Tell them to do what they can: Donate money, blood, clothing, food… anything they can. Help the people who need it more than you right now.

Donate to the American Red Cross online.

If you want to support me, that’s great. Buy one of my other prints, but this one will not be for sale from me on this site.

I only ask you don’t sell it. Just do something to help them.

THE ANVIL EXPERIENCE: Coming to Philadelphia January 17th!


Check out the full-sized poster on

With four clicks on a drum, the song begins. As the first verse goes through your head, you know something epic and triumphant is coming. As the song slowly builds up to the chorus, the refrain comes in and the fists start pumping.

The song is “Metal on Metal”, and the band is ANVIL.


Anvil took the world stage by storm last year with the documentary about their life and struggle of starting a metal band and never, ever, EVER refusing to cave in and surrender! “ANVIL: The Story of Anvil” has won awards, prizes, and the rightly-deserved fame and recognition they deserve. You can watch the trailer for yourself.

On January 17th, 2010, Anvil will come to The TLA here in Philadelphia.

What you see above isn’t the official poster, but my art inspired by the story of this band, and my love of their music. Back in 2003, I bought the Metal Blade 20th Anniversary box set and there were two songs on there by a band called “Anvil”. The songs always stuck out in my mind and in 2009 when I heard that Anvil was coming to town based on a movie about their lives, I had to go. Since then, the band has always held a place in my heart.

About a week ago I got a copy of “Metal on Metal” and thanks to that AND the fact that they were coming to town, I decided to do a tour poster for them! It was inspired by the feeling I get from them and their music, and the fact that, music aside, they’ve become something bigger than themselves: A symbol of the triumph of perseverance.

Carry on, ANVIL!


SWINE FLU – Beware The Pandemic! Poster

As of 4/28/2009, Swine Flu has been upgraded to a Level 5 Disease by WHO, which is a step away from a full-blown pandemic. In the eyes of myself, and many others around the country, this entire situation is overblown and a joke. At least, hopefully its all this will be.