On February 11th, 2011, the people of Egypt did what very few people imagined was possible: They peacefully forced their dictator of 30 years, Mubarak, to resign and hand over his power to someone else! The hope? That this will be the start of something big! That this will be the dawning of a new age fore the people of Egypt full of democracy and freedom!

When I created my original “Free Egypt” poster, I had no idea that the people of Egypt would be able to achieve something so amazing so fast! My heart goes out to the people of Egypt and I sincerely hope that this works out for the best!

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You can check out the original artwork on DeviantArt here.

Government Censorship: Protecting YOU From Reality! – Poster

I did this back in 2006. I remember I started it and wasn’t happy with where it was going so I let it sit around. Then about a year later I was going through my files and found it and asked myself, “Why the hell didn’t I ever use this?!” Low and behold, it’s one of my favorite parodies.