Make America Great Again!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internet,

Donald Trump. The very name inspires only class and luxury, as well as the finest hand gestures and hair around. While I may not support his run for President, I did enjoy the slogan, but the gear left… well, a LOT to be desired.

For a man who likes to have gold in all of his buildings and his name in giant letter, the hat leaves a lot to be desired.

So I decided to make this design:
Make America Great Again - Larry West Productions

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the classiest, most luxurious design of this slogan that you will ever see! Donald Trump, if you would like to use it for your campaign, have your people contact me and we can work something out.

So Obama Hasn’t Been Quite the President You Tought, Huh?

As we see Obama essentially fail on everything he said he would be, I am reminded of a lyric; “I beg your pardon/ I never promised you a rose garden.”

In a way, that’s the case here. He never really did promise us the moon and the stars, and he never said he would bring about world peace. He did, though, promise us “Hope” and “Change”, among other things. So far, he has failed to shut down Guantanamo Bay, delivered a really mediocre health care bill, kept up warrant-less wiretapping, sent more troops into war the same week he got a Nobel Peace Prize, and now he’s given the Republicans something else they wanted; a tax cut for the upper-class.

As weak as he’s been… it would be ignorant of me to ignore the good he has done. A really awesome site to see all of this is “What the fuck has Obama done so far?” It’s really good, incredibly informative.

Introducing BLACK LABEL – 25 Years in the Making!

Larry West's Black Label Line!

Well, today’s my birthday, and I am THRILLED to have it! My god, 25 years old. What’s that line from that Megadeth song “Of Mice and Men”? “At 25 I was surprised / That I was even half alive / somehow I managed to survive!”

On top of that, I am pleased to basically announce a bunch of things at once!

First off, I am pleased in ways you can’t even begin to imagine to announce the new “Black Label” line of products! “Black Label” has, in my life, always stood for quality and brilliance, and the best of the best! Also, I love the Lamb of God song “Black Label” as well. The Black Label emblem has been in the works for over 10 years, and I finally created the one I like the most and works the best. You can read all about the piece on Deviant Art.

Next, I am pleased to announce that the new LARRY WEST PRODUCTION SHOP is now up and running! What is it, exactly? The purpose of the shop is to basically connect all the shops I own to on pipe-line that’s easy to navigate and highlight new products and lines that I have available! Zazzle, Cafepress, and Board Pusher are all here! Look for new partners, special offers, and original artwork and prints to come REALLY soon!

Finally, I’m pleased to note that I am now officially old enough to run for either Mayor of City Council in Philadelphia. So corrupt and inefficient politicians beware! Next year could get interesting!

Authority Is Love. Feel Secure.

Authority is Love print
Authority is Love by LuvataciousSkull
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Back when Obama was about to take the oath of office, I had an idea of printing out a ton of these posters and posting them around Philadelphia. Sadly, I never got the chance.

Inspired by all the pro-Obama hoopla, I decided to take a subtler approach against it. The idea was to put up posters that, on first look, would appear to be simple slogans most likely directed at Bush. Upon further inspection of the Presidential Seal, it would show that the seal, in fact, had the Obama campaign logo on it.

Larry West on The Art of Politics 2008 – "False Messiah"

Back in early 2008, I entered my “Your Candidate Sucks!” series to The Art of Politics 2008, a contest to get artists around America to submit art based on politics. I was happy that my pieces “War Without End” and “False Messiah” were chosen to be nominees, and really excited that I was a finalist, finishing 6th out of 30 runner ups. The piece got to travel across the country and I wish I could have attended one to see how people would react to it!

The site was taken down before the election, and I was sad to see it go. During a search, I stumbled upon the site again!

Check it out for yourself here!