I Stand with Occupy Philly


It’s been a long week.

On October 5th, I went to a planning meeting with the newly-formed Art Committee for Occupy Philadelphia. I knew I wanted to help out in any way I possibly could, and I figured the best way for me would be to design protest posters. They were designed that night, and I had prints ready the next morning in time for the protest. We got donations on the spot to make more copies, and we now have a system in place for producing posters.

For the past week, I’ve been going to meetings, helping at the actual art station along with Paul from Panadelphia, and I’ve also learned a lot about working with a team again. This entire movement is semi-leaderless, so you have to work with other people in a way you wouldn’t normally, which makes it a bit more exciting! I was also put in charge, to some degree, of design. I’m working on some new designs as I write this.

To help everyone in Philly who wishes to go down there to protest, just go to this site and download and print a poster for yourself! They’re designed for 11″ x 17″, but they till look good on 8.5″ x 11″ paper!