NOFX "Obama Clown" Poster

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NOFX and Anti-Flag. Easily two of my favorite punk bands! Every time NOFX comes to Philly it sells out immediately, and this time around they’re not selling tickets until the day of the show! I love doing posters for bands coming to Philly that I enjoy, especially if there isn’t any other promotion for them, so this time around I jumped on the NOFX poster.

I loved “The War on Errorism” and “Cokie the Clown”, and considering both the political nature of NOFX as of late as well as Anti-Flag, I figured skewing the current President would be appropriate.

I’m not anti-Obama, or even pro-Obama. I think the guy has done some great things and some incredibly bone-headed things as well. Caving into Republicans all the time? Really? Obama has put on the clown makeup for getting the U.S. into another pointless war or not closing Gitmo like he promised, and the Republicans threw the pie since they got him to cave in and change the date of a speech, among other things.

In other words; Obama is making himself look bad and into a joke, not me. 😉

That said, I sincerely hope everyone enjoys it! To all my liberal friends, know it was done tongue-in-cheek, and to all my conservative friends, know it was done tongue-in-cheek.



Just like most of my posters, drawing it was a lot easier than designing it! I sketched a layout I liked, and drew Obama in almost near-final detail on the street (true story!). I got home, finished the details, and inked it in almost the same time it took for me to draw it.

The hardest part in the design was nailing the carnival look. The NOFX headline was done using a tutorial I found at After that was everything else. I wound up using a bunch of different fonts and styles until I got something I was happy with.

So Obama Hasn’t Been Quite the President You Tought, Huh?

As we see Obama essentially fail on everything he said he would be, I am reminded of a lyric; “I beg your pardon/ I never promised you a rose garden.”

In a way, that’s the case here. He never really did promise us the moon and the stars, and he never said he would bring about world peace. He did, though, promise us “Hope” and “Change”, among other things. So far, he has failed to shut down Guantanamo Bay, delivered a really mediocre health care bill, kept up warrant-less wiretapping, sent more troops into war the same week he got a Nobel Peace Prize, and now he’s given the Republicans something else they wanted; a tax cut for the upper-class.

As weak as he’s been… it would be ignorant of me to ignore the good he has done. A really awesome site to see all of this is “What the fuck has Obama done so far?” It’s really good, incredibly informative.

Authority Is Love. Feel Secure.

Authority is Love print
Authority is Love by LuvataciousSkull
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Back when Obama was about to take the oath of office, I had an idea of printing out a ton of these posters and posting them around Philadelphia. Sadly, I never got the chance.

Inspired by all the pro-Obama hoopla, I decided to take a subtler approach against it. The idea was to put up posters that, on first look, would appear to be simple slogans most likely directed at Bush. Upon further inspection of the Presidential Seal, it would show that the seal, in fact, had the Obama campaign logo on it.

Larry West on The Art of Politics 2008 – "False Messiah"

Back in early 2008, I entered my “Your Candidate Sucks!” series to The Art of Politics 2008, a contest to get artists around America to submit art based on politics. I was happy that my pieces “War Without End” and “False Messiah” were chosen to be nominees, and really excited that I was a finalist, finishing 6th out of 30 runner ups. The piece got to travel across the country and I wish I could have attended one to see how people would react to it!

The site was taken down before the election, and I was sad to see it go. During a search, I stumbled upon the site again!

Check it out for yourself here!