Inspirational Music Videos

This post is a long-time coming!

When I was younger, I loved music videos. They were the only way of learning of a lot of bands when I was that age, and so many of them were cool. Nowadays, I actually try to avoid them if only because the ones in my head tend to be better.

But for you, here is a collection of the best ones I’ve ever seen, in no order at all.

Enjoy, and be inspired!

HOLE- “Celebrity Skin”

NINE INCH NAILS – “Head Like a Hole”

MARILYN MANSON – “The Beautiful People”


TOOL – “Sober”

LAMB OF GOD – “Ruin”

DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT – “Bend it Like Bender!”

GUNS ‘N’ ROSES – “November Rain”

CYCLE SLUTS FROM HELL – “I Wish You Were a Beer”

CRADLE OF FILTH – “Born in a Burial Gown”

METALLICA – “Blackened (Seattle ’89)”

MEGADETH – “Peace Sells”

OVERKILL – “Elimination”