HELP HAITI – Hatian Earthquake Relief Effort Poster

Haitian Earthquake Relief

This flyer is not for me.

Watching the images coming out of Haiti, the level of devastation

The earthquake destroyed lives, and devastated a weakened nation. It was nothing short of inspiring that, despite all the problems that have plagued this country, that they have gathered together to make sure that everyone stays safe and survives.

This flyer isn’t for me. Its or you. Download it, distribute it, and tell everyone you know about it. Tell them to do what they can: Donate money, blood, clothing, food… anything they can. Help the people who need it more than you right now.

Donate to the American Red Cross online.

If you want to support me, that’s great. Buy one of my other prints, but this one will not be for sale from me on this site.

I only ask you don’t sell it. Just do something to help them.