The Art Show that Never Happened

Back in October, I was excited about getting another art show at that coffee shop that hosted my last one. I was nervous and because of a hectic year and I pushed it back from September to October. That wound up being a mistake because they wound up going out of business right before my show was supposed to go out. To make matters worse, I found out the day they were closing. The silver lining was that I hadn’t invested in getting any prints or frames yet.

I wound up creating a lot of new art, and while that isn’t this post, I did create some awesome flyers. I had two different names for my show and I had started work on the flyers before I got the news. The flyers featured new pieces of art.

This is Your Life Flyer

This was the original name of the show. I had the idea to call it this after the Dio tribute album I was listening to, as well as the name of the last song Ronnie James Dio recorded before he passed. The lyrics to “This is Your Life” basically are about doing what you love because it is YOUR life.

Unarmed Black Male

This WAS going to be the actual name of the show. I decided to all it this, largely because I’m just sick of term being used as a catch-all for black males. Its gotten to the point, which you may have seen in my feed earlier, that instead of just being me and being judged for what I can do, that I’m just a victim. I decided to just give it the name “Unarmed Black Male” in part to just fuck with everyone who saw the flyer and because I wanted to take it back.