Ozzy Osbourne with Yuto Miyazawa – My Favorite Photo of 2010

Ozzfest 2010: Ozzy Osbourne with Yuto Miyazawa - Upclose

I didn’t want to go to Ozzfest in 2010.

If there’s anything I’ll remember about this photo, its going to be that. It was late August and I wasn’t sure if I was going to go. The forecast was rain and other than the main stage, with Halford, Motley Crue, and Ozzy… I kinda didn’t care. Nevertheless, my friend Murt talked me into it. I wound up getting last-minute Pit Tickets. Once there, we were met with fundamentalist Christians telling us we were going to hell to see Ozzy and drizzle, and all I could do was laugh and wonder if it was 1985 again.

Fast-forward to the end of the night. I’m watching Ozzy from the front row of the pit and all the fucking crowd surfers are just pissing me off. Granted, I’m the new concert cliche myself; the guy taking photos during most of the show. For me, its fun. Who knows, maybe one day I would take one that was kinda cool. So I’m taking shots when all of a sudden this 10-year-old Asian kid walks out on stage with a Randy Rhodes guitar!

I’m simply scratching my head, and the next thing I know, the kid is playing “Crazy Train” like a he’s done it a million times! I’m taking as many shots as I can because its obvious this is something big, something you’re only going to get to see once! Meanwhile, I’m trying to dry myself off from Ozzy hosing down the crowd with foam (one of my favorite moments at ANY Ozzy show!) when I see it; Ozzy has the kid in his arms!


I grab my camera, position the shot, take it, and I’m getting ready to get a few more for safety and to get maybe a better photo. Before I get the chance, the security guard in front of me is making a motion; there’s a crowd surfer on the way. I put the camera away, help the schmuck, and the kid is down. I was a little bummed, but still enjoyed the show. Once I got back home, I immediately uploaded all my shots to see what I had. When I saw how the one photo I got of Yuto and Ozzy came out, I was shocked!

Out of 400 photos, I picked about 40 to adjust and upload to my Flickr account. After finding out who was in the photo and finding your Yuto Miyazawa’s Twitter account, I told him about the photo. He liked it enough to re-tweet to his followers. What happened next took me entirely by surprise.

I got an e-mail from someone at Rolling Stone magazine asking to use the photo. I said yes. Need I say more?


From what I’ve been told, it also made the magazine.

It also got picked up around the world! Zimbio picked it up, as well as Ekstra Bladet and Blow the Scene. It was fun going to work and telling people about something like this!

The entire experience made me want to focus on my concert photography again. I went through my files and found a ton that I loved and decided to try and sell. Hopefully I’ll have them up soon.

Is there some grand lesson from this? Yes. Sometimes being a schmuck who takes photos at a concert pays off!