Creative 365: Two Weeks In

Creative 365: Two Weeks In


So 7 years ago (holy hell, it WAS that long ago!), I tried my first 365 project. You can see the failed attempt here. I made it to nearly 2 months, and had about 22 finished pieces, 18 penciled pieces, and missed a total of 11 days. What I learned from this failed attempt was that between getting ready for my Senior Showcase, going to school, and looking for a job, I wasn’t really ready to do something like that yet. I have about 4 pieces from it that I still use, and looking back there are some pieces and ideas I really wished I would go back and develop.

What have I learned from THIS go around?

I learned that I can really, really push myself more than I thought. I also learned that sometimes its better to just go with an idea than to ignore it. My “Women Shouldn’t Fight?” poster has taken a life of its own, and may be the biggest shock to me. I was also shocked how many people loved my other piece, “Mind? Blown!”. I had Devin Townsend, one of my hero’s, tweet me that he loved the Gig Poster I did for his Philly show!

And it’s only been two weeks.

I won’t lie, I’m afraid of not being able to keep up the rate, of missing a day, or countless other things. Then again, I’m afraid of a lot of things. Let’s see where we go!

Inspirational Music Videos

This post is a long-time coming!

When I was younger, I loved music videos. They were the only way of learning of a lot of bands when I was that age, and so many of them were cool. Nowadays, I actually try to avoid them if only because the ones in my head tend to be better.

But for you, here is a collection of the best ones I’ve ever seen, in no order at all.

Enjoy, and be inspired!

HOLE- “Celebrity Skin”

NINE INCH NAILS – “Head Like a Hole”

MARILYN MANSON – “The Beautiful People”


TOOL – “Sober”

LAMB OF GOD – “Ruin”

DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT – “Bend it Like Bender!”

GUNS ‘N’ ROSES – “November Rain”

CYCLE SLUTS FROM HELL – “I Wish You Were a Beer”

CRADLE OF FILTH – “Born in a Burial Gown”

METALLICA – “Blackened (Seattle ’89)”

MEGADETH – “Peace Sells”

OVERKILL – “Elimination”


Check out the Devin Townsend poster here.
Check out the Between the Buried and Me poster here.

So, this one needs little help from me, but I’m still pleased to do so with a double-shot of posters!

BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME will be playing in Philadelphia at The Troc on January 31st at 6PM. Not only that, but Canadian Music-Master DEVIN TOWNSEND will be opening the whole affair!

Now, personally, I’m not a big fan of the headliner, Between the Buried and Me. For me, this show is all about Devin Townsend. He is, without a doubt, one of my favorite musicians. He’s start came via playing on Steve Vai’s “Sex and Religion” album, after which he went on to start his own label and release albums from more styles than you could imagine! From alt-rock to ambient to the heaviest fucking metal ever, and all the way to punk and even progressive rock and metal, Devin’s talent lies in being able to mix and match styles and, through it all, perfect them all.

Me and Devin Townsend

My favorite albums written and performed by Devin Townsend?

Ocean Machine: Biomech
Punky Bruster – “Cooked on Phonics”
Devin Townsend – “Infinity”
Strapping Young Lad – “City”
Devin Townsend Band – “Accelerated Evolution”

I hope I see you there!!!!!