KREATOR – "Evil Priestess of Hell (Enemy of God)"


This piece is actually less about Kreator and more about the subject matter. It’s weird; it basically drew itself, but the design took a while to do. But it’s also based largely on the album cover for “Enemy of God Revisited”

On the surface, this is just a semi-generic piece, with a skull, inverted cross, and some hint of nudity. Below is some actual meaning and purpose. Is the piece a statement of the futility of religion in and of itself? Am I saying that going down the path of “evil” will lead to your demise?

The odd thing is I don’t honestly know.

There’s a meaning to this piece, a sense of purpose here, that even I can’t honestly explain. In the end, it could be nothing more than me taking a bit of a poke at Catholicism without really thinking about it. Why?

The inverted cross, while modernly referenced to Satanism, is actually a symbol of cleansing and purification. In fact, Peter, one of the 12 apostles, asked to be hung upside-down as he didn’t find himself worthy of being killed the same way as Jesus. As you may know, Peter was “the rock” upon which the Catholic Church is built.

At the same time, upon this head, we see a skull attached to a woman’s body. In reference to that last point, am I saying that this is, in fact, a dead church? And since there is a woman’s body, that said dead church gives life at the cost of death?

Maybe. Now that I think of it, it could be…. or maybe I did just want to draw something that looked awesome.


KREATOR will be playing The Trocadero March 4th, 2010 at 7PM! They’ll be playing with Voivod, Nachtmystium, Evile, and Lazarus A.D.


Check out the Devin Townsend poster here.
Check out the Between the Buried and Me poster here.

So, this one needs little help from me, but I’m still pleased to do so with a double-shot of posters!

BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME will be playing in Philadelphia at The Troc on January 31st at 6PM. Not only that, but Canadian Music-Master DEVIN TOWNSEND will be opening the whole affair!

Now, personally, I’m not a big fan of the headliner, Between the Buried and Me. For me, this show is all about Devin Townsend. He is, without a doubt, one of my favorite musicians. He’s start came via playing on Steve Vai’s “Sex and Religion” album, after which he went on to start his own label and release albums from more styles than you could imagine! From alt-rock to ambient to the heaviest fucking metal ever, and all the way to punk and even progressive rock and metal, Devin’s talent lies in being able to mix and match styles and, through it all, perfect them all.

Me and Devin Townsend

My favorite albums written and performed by Devin Townsend?

Ocean Machine: Biomech
Punky Bruster – “Cooked on Phonics”
Devin Townsend – “Infinity”
Strapping Young Lad – “City”
Devin Townsend Band – “Accelerated Evolution”

I hope I see you there!!!!!

Arch Enemy, Exodus, and Arsis – THE RISE OF EVIL!

Arch Enemy, Exodus, AND Arsis are coming to Philadelphia on January 21st to The TLA! Tickets range between $16 and $20, and starts at 8PM!

Feel free to download this poster, make copies, and just spread the word about this show!

Get your tickets either at the box office or online.

— Now, on that note, I want to take some time to do something I do almost as well as I draw and design: Complain about crap that’s pissing me off!

My blog, Angry, Young, and Poor, has become a sort-of defacto newsource for major metal shows in Philly and Larry West Productions has done all we (well, I) can do to help in the effort of supporting metal in Philly. To that end, I am disappointed that a majority of blogs that devote time and effort to posting about shows and concerts RARELY post about metal, and only then to either do it ironically or to make fun of it. Granted, this is not a flat-out truth, nor is it true of every blog out there in Philly. That said, it is still frustrating seeing some annoying hipster band that acts as background music get more press than, say, a national long-standing group that comes around and actually challenges its listeners to think and be active.

To that end, I am going to encourage my local partners in Philly Concert Blogging to step up to the cause of promoting MORE acts in this city!

Now, some may scoff at certain blogs about this idea. To that end, I would like to point out that you simply never know who’s really is into metal and willing to come out to a show. Its shocking going out around town and talking to people about concerts who are clean-cut and in suits, and hearing how annoyed they are that they missed seeing Municipal Waste come to town because no one told them!

My goal, as both an artist, musician, and just someone who fucking LOVES metal, has been, and will be, to make sure national acts and even LOCAL acts (Just contact me! I’m looking at you, Ray-Gradys!) get the word out and as much press and exposure as possible! But I can’t do it alone. I’ve drawn, designed, printed, and handed out all the flyers you’ve seen posted all by myself, and its a lot for one guy to handle.

If you want more metal and punk acts to come to Philly and NOT Allentown or Atlantic City, then you MUST support toe metal scene HERE! THAT’S what its going to take, and THAT’S how we keep getting bigger and better shows!

Support the cause and stay true to your metal and punk roots!


Municipal Waste, for the uninitiated, is a crossover thrash metal band from the great state of Virgina. For years, they have built a loyal and dedicated fan base here in Philadelphia, and have played at the First Unitarian Church to countless applause and moshpits!

Thursday, December 10th at 7:30PM, they will take the stage yet again at the First Unitarian Church and destroy all in their way!

Make sure you download and hand out the original poster, which you can get here!


And check out the video for their latest song, “Wrong Answer”:

Feel the Realness of Your Convictions! – In Flames Tour Poster

Your Life in Flames - In Flames Gig Poster
This is another poster I did for fun: Again, not commissioned by the band or the venue, but me trying my damnedest to help both.

I was on the train home this time around when I started sketching out the layout of this piece. I threw on “Come Clarity” and just started to draw what came to mind. A big-horned Demoness with flames coming out her eyes…. man, I wonder what THAT means? Seriously, I wonder what my subconscious was trying to scream out at me about.

I’ll post the sketch soon, but I was really happy with the way the sketch came out. On top of that, I had already done a quick sketch for the Obituary poster that I’ve already posted, so when I got home I went straight to my art studio and cranked out the pencils in about 30 minutes. No, I’m not kidding. 30 minutes. The Xecutioner took about an hour or more because the pose was hard to get, along with the proportions… but that’s another story.

The next day I went back to working, this time inking everything. I had wrapped up inking on the Xecutioner, and I was a little worried about this one (again, another story), but there was a really nice, easy flow to this one. The fact that this one wasn’t even close to being as urgent helped. The inks on this were about an hour or more, and it involved doing the logo on a separate piece of paper. If you look at the pencils, even my scanned-in inks, you can see I had plotted out the logo. I took a piece of copy paper and a light table and inked the lettering onto the paper.

Scanning in everything was easy, and coloring it was fun. I made it as simple as possible and decided to stay as true as how I would do it by hand as possible. I’m contemplating doing a “painted” version one day, but for now, I’m thrilled with this.

Behind the screaming demoness is a symbol. Now, those familiar with In Flames will see something familiar yet strange. In Flames has adopted a few symbols over the years, and there was a sort of tribal one used back in 2006 for Come Clarity. I decided to take the idea and make it my own. In this case, it involved turning it into the symbol of chaos as well.

There’s some writing on the original piece, but I had to take it off the smaller versions of the posters because it didn’t read well. I was listening to “A Sense of Purpose” while penciling it in and one lyric in particular came to mind: ” Feel this up your conviction!” To me, though, it sounded like “Feel the Realness of Your Convictions!”, thus the name of the piece. The lyric is from the song “I’m the Highway”.

But while I was listening to the album, another lyric came screaming out to me: ” Thought I was unbreakable, but this is killing me!” This lyric is from “Delight and Angers”, and it just felt perfect. Now, as soon as I wrote it, I was worried about the way people would interpret that. I didn’t want it to look as if I was saying, “Oh no, Satan is evil and will betray you!”, but its more along the lines of two old sayings: “Pride comes before the fall” and “Be careful what you wish for.”


IN FLAMES is playing The Trocadero October 4th at 7PM. They will be joined by Between the Buried and Me, 3 Inches of Blood, and The Faceless.

Download and hand out your own flyer HERE.

OBITUARY – The Troc, 9/28, 6PM – Be There!

“Stop Bitching and Start a Revolution”. To me, these are words to live by.

I love metal shows, and I love concert posters. So its always a shock and annoyance to me to never see posters or flyers for metal concerts coming up in Philadelphia. The local blogs seem to tend to ignore them, instead opting to post (as I’ve ranted a million times before) about some indie rock or trance/electronica band.

On Monday, September 28th, Obituary, Goatwhore, Krisiun, and Warbringer will play The Trocadero at 6PM! Tickets are only $17.50, $20 at the door, and it should be a good show!

You can download the awesome flyer yourself to print and hand out by clicking THIS LINK.

So go out, spread the word, tell your friends, and jump in the pit!

I’m really am happy about this piece. I did it over the week, and I’ll post the full-color version soon. This wasn’t commissioned by the band, venue, or anyone: This was 100% ME. I got the idea back in August to do this. Obituary was originally called Xecutioner, and I liked the idea of having a female executioner posing with an Axe. The idea went from her having a sort of metal-chick head to… well… this. The idea quickly became more about making a woman with a hot body, but looked like she would destroy you. Basically, tempting you to get close, but watch out!

The X on her shoulder was also based on the bands old name. I’m a big Pushead fan and I wanted to use a similar font style on something, so I picked this.

I hope you enjoy it!