MAYHEM – 2011 Gig Poster – The Mouth of Madness!

I wanted to do something COMPLETELY different as a gig poster than I had ever done before, and since Mayhem has always had an aura of terror and mysticism about them (anyone who knows Norwegian black metal will tell you that!), and I wanted to capture the feeling I got from them when I listen to “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”, specifically the title track.

MAYHEM will be playing The Trocadero November 4th at 7PM!


The idea of the monster was that it was this… thing. I didn’t want it to be anything, actually, just this weird otherworldly creature. Its a mix of Chtulu and the monster from Watchmen, with a bit of my own weirdness mixed in.

One thing I loved about doing this piece was the fact that it reminded me of how I worked back in High School; sitting at my desk at night drawing the most Satanic and terrifying things I could imagine!

I did do the type separately in this case, and I drew it by hand and scanned it back in. Getting the tentacles to wrap was something I wanted, but I also wanted everything behind it, too.

Other than the way the entire typography was handled on this poster, the other big change is the way I showed the main band name; I decided to let it bleed off the page. I knew it was easy enough to read that passing by you would go, “Oh fuck, MAYHEM is in town? I need to go! NOW!”

OBITUARY – The Troc, 9/28, 6PM – Be There!

“Stop Bitching and Start a Revolution”. To me, these are words to live by.

I love metal shows, and I love concert posters. So its always a shock and annoyance to me to never see posters or flyers for metal concerts coming up in Philadelphia. The local blogs seem to tend to ignore them, instead opting to post (as I’ve ranted a million times before) about some indie rock or trance/electronica band.

On Monday, September 28th, Obituary, Goatwhore, Krisiun, and Warbringer will play The Trocadero at 6PM! Tickets are only $17.50, $20 at the door, and it should be a good show!

You can download the awesome flyer yourself to print and hand out by clicking THIS LINK.

So go out, spread the word, tell your friends, and jump in the pit!

I’m really am happy about this piece. I did it over the week, and I’ll post the full-color version soon. This wasn’t commissioned by the band, venue, or anyone: This was 100% ME. I got the idea back in August to do this. Obituary was originally called Xecutioner, and I liked the idea of having a female executioner posing with an Axe. The idea went from her having a sort of metal-chick head to… well… this. The idea quickly became more about making a woman with a hot body, but looked like she would destroy you. Basically, tempting you to get close, but watch out!

The X on her shoulder was also based on the bands old name. I’m a big Pushead fan and I wanted to use a similar font style on something, so I picked this.

I hope you enjoy it!