Ron Paul 2012 – Official Philadelphia Shirt Design!

Ron Paul 2012 - Philadelphia T-Shirt Design

Mind. BLOWN!

I was asked by someone working with the Ron Paul 2012 campaign to design a t-shirt for a Philadelphia Fund Raiser that takes place February 6th at National Mechanics. The event is being organized by Patrick Rodgers, the incredibly brilliant man who not only owns and runs Digital Ferret Records and Nocturne at Club Shampoo, but also foreclosed on a Wells Fargo branch.

The brief was simple: A 3-color design for an upcoming fundraiser that showed Ron Paul, the Liberty Bell, and the headline “Philadelphia. Liberty. The Constitution.” After messing around with a few different ideas and concepts, I went with what you see here; a fairly straight-forward design with a focus on showing how presidential he is.

The shirts will be available at the Ron Paul Fundraiser in Philadelphia on February 6th at National Mechanics, which starts at 6:30PM. For a small donation of $20 you get access to some great food and political discussion. Oh, and you can buy this shirt while you’re there, too.

Also, you can check out the piece itself on my DeviantArt account.

The photo of Ron Paul come from Gage Skidmore, who I can’t thank enough!

MAYHEM – 2011 Gig Poster – The Mouth of Madness!

I wanted to do something COMPLETELY different as a gig poster than I had ever done before, and since Mayhem has always had an aura of terror and mysticism about them (anyone who knows Norwegian black metal will tell you that!), and I wanted to capture the feeling I got from them when I listen to “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”, specifically the title track.

MAYHEM will be playing The Trocadero November 4th at 7PM!


The idea of the monster was that it was this… thing. I didn’t want it to be anything, actually, just this weird otherworldly creature. Its a mix of Chtulu and the monster from Watchmen, with a bit of my own weirdness mixed in.

One thing I loved about doing this piece was the fact that it reminded me of how I worked back in High School; sitting at my desk at night drawing the most Satanic and terrifying things I could imagine!

I did do the type separately in this case, and I drew it by hand and scanned it back in. Getting the tentacles to wrap was something I wanted, but I also wanted everything behind it, too.

Other than the way the entire typography was handled on this poster, the other big change is the way I showed the main band name; I decided to let it bleed off the page. I knew it was easy enough to read that passing by you would go, “Oh fuck, MAYHEM is in town? I need to go! NOW!”

I Stand with Occupy Philly


It’s been a long week.

On October 5th, I went to a planning meeting with the newly-formed Art Committee for Occupy Philadelphia. I knew I wanted to help out in any way I possibly could, and I figured the best way for me would be to design protest posters. They were designed that night, and I had prints ready the next morning in time for the protest. We got donations on the spot to make more copies, and we now have a system in place for producing posters.

For the past week, I’ve been going to meetings, helping at the actual art station along with Paul from Panadelphia, and I’ve also learned a lot about working with a team again. This entire movement is semi-leaderless, so you have to work with other people in a way you wouldn’t normally, which makes it a bit more exciting! I was also put in charge, to some degree, of design. I’m working on some new designs as I write this.

To help everyone in Philly who wishes to go down there to protest, just go to this site and download and print a poster for yourself! They’re designed for 11″ x 17″, but they till look good on 8.5″ x 11″ paper!

NOFX "Obama Clown" Poster

Check out the poster on DeviantArt!

NOFX and Anti-Flag. Easily two of my favorite punk bands! Every time NOFX comes to Philly it sells out immediately, and this time around they’re not selling tickets until the day of the show! I love doing posters for bands coming to Philly that I enjoy, especially if there isn’t any other promotion for them, so this time around I jumped on the NOFX poster.

I loved “The War on Errorism” and “Cokie the Clown”, and considering both the political nature of NOFX as of late as well as Anti-Flag, I figured skewing the current President would be appropriate.

I’m not anti-Obama, or even pro-Obama. I think the guy has done some great things and some incredibly bone-headed things as well. Caving into Republicans all the time? Really? Obama has put on the clown makeup for getting the U.S. into another pointless war or not closing Gitmo like he promised, and the Republicans threw the pie since they got him to cave in and change the date of a speech, among other things.

In other words; Obama is making himself look bad and into a joke, not me. 😉

That said, I sincerely hope everyone enjoys it! To all my liberal friends, know it was done tongue-in-cheek, and to all my conservative friends, know it was done tongue-in-cheek.



Just like most of my posters, drawing it was a lot easier than designing it! I sketched a layout I liked, and drew Obama in almost near-final detail on the street (true story!). I got home, finished the details, and inked it in almost the same time it took for me to draw it.

The hardest part in the design was nailing the carnival look. The NOFX headline was done using a tutorial I found at After that was everything else. I wound up using a bunch of different fonts and styles until I got something I was happy with.

True Sounds of Liberty – TSOL Gig Poster 2011

TSOL Gig Poster

What are the true sounds of liberty?

It’s anger, fury, and the refusal to surrender and die in the face of evil! Its the anger and fury that comes from the oppression of those who are not represented. It’s the sound of someone furious at their government for not doing what they should, and the even greater fury that those entrusted to keep liberty in check either fail or ignore their duty to either govern or even vote for the proper caretakers.

Its the sound of someone crying out in hunger as they die from starvation while the world around them is fat and over-fed!

Its the sound of joy when victory is had, when evil fails and the freedom of the millions wins. It’s the sound or rockets blasting in the night air, of a happy family, of someone achieving their potential.

This piece is struggling to do all of that at once, and the face alone reminds you that liberty comes at a price, and sometimes its painful as all hell!

The Stench of Redemption – Deicide 2011 Gig Poster

DEICIDE – 2011 Concert Poster

This is what happens when you go to Catholic School for 13 years, folks!

I love drawing nuns, relying on symbolism, and just being blatant at times. In this case, that’s exactly what I wanted in every possible way.

I heard Deicide was coming to town and wanted to show my support by doing a gig poster for their upcoming show. I had a vision of just some praying nun with horns coming out of her head, and a Rosary in her hands.

To be honest, this piece is as deep as it appears, and then some. As much as it may be about some nun turning to Satan, it really isn’t. In essence, I wanted to convey that the same love and devotion that can be shown to God can be shown to Satan. Is it really all that bad? Isn’t faith and love in something and someone more important than who, ESPECIALLY if they’re wind up otherwise being a good person for it?


DEICIDE – February 18th – The Trocadero – 7PM!!!!



The more Artsy Stuff

So for this poster, I did something I normally never, EVER do; I did my own hand-drawn typography and did it as a vector! It was the most draftsman-like thing I’ve done as an artist in about 3 years because of how technical it was. I used Adobe Illustrator and for the first time turned on Smart Guides. I wished I had done it sooner! It made the curves much smoother and I love how the “e’s” came out. The typography was inspired by some classic Gothic Black-lettering, but also a bit of Art-Nouveau.


On February 11th, 2011, the people of Egypt did what very few people imagined was possible: They peacefully forced their dictator of 30 years, Mubarak, to resign and hand over his power to someone else! The hope? That this will be the start of something big! That this will be the dawning of a new age fore the people of Egypt full of democracy and freedom!

When I created my original “Free Egypt” poster, I had no idea that the people of Egypt would be able to achieve something so amazing so fast! My heart goes out to the people of Egypt and I sincerely hope that this works out for the best!

You can buy a print of the poster here on

You can check out the original artwork on DeviantArt here.

Darth Vader Chick – Bred to Kill! Not to Care!

I wanted to do something a little different than what I normally do.

As much as I like to say I do “pop-art”, I really haven’t done much in terms of skewing pop culture or mixing and combining things. I liked the idea of women wearing iconic masks from Star Wars and I thought it would be cool to take a classic pin-up pose and just mix it up. The words “Bred to Kill, Not to Care!” is from the Metallica song “Disposable Hero’s”.

So enjoy and let me know what you think!

And, hey, check it out on DeviantArt!

Belial’s Servant

Belial's Servant

“Belial’s Servant” was created out of passion more than anything else.

I wanted to get back in touch with my religious roots, and it felt really good to work on this. I originally had no concept in mind for this, and it really wound up drawing itself.

I used the Celestial Alphabet on her chest to have some fun. It says “Pure Evil”… yeah, a bit cheesy, but I like it.

Other than that, this is a fairly seriously piece. I took the symbol of Belial and put it on both of her arms. For those who don’t know, Belial is known as the spirit of the Earth and the master of mankind. In The Dead Sea Scrolls, he’s known as the Prince of Darkness.

Her axe has two different symbols. The first is the symbol of Astaroth. The second is a bit more complicated and depends of who you ask. The double-cross and infinity symbol have been associated with sulfur in relation to Alchemy and also with Lucifer himself and a never-ending reign.

At the same time, I wanted to create a symbol behind the servant to show her affiliations. Belial’s in the center with another one to the bottom left, the symbol of Lucifer above, and the symbol of sulfur and never-ending power to the right.

In terms of the execution of the piece, it was incredibly difficult… and a LOT of fun! Not much to say, really. A ton of inking, a ton of coloring, and a lot of lost sleep!

Check it out on!

Feel free to support me by buying some merch here at Zazzle’s ArtProjekt!

Arch Enemy, Exodus, and Arsis – THE RISE OF EVIL!

Arch Enemy, Exodus, AND Arsis are coming to Philadelphia on January 21st to The TLA! Tickets range between $16 and $20, and starts at 8PM!

Feel free to download this poster, make copies, and just spread the word about this show!

Get your tickets either at the box office or online.

— Now, on that note, I want to take some time to do something I do almost as well as I draw and design: Complain about crap that’s pissing me off!

My blog, Angry, Young, and Poor, has become a sort-of defacto newsource for major metal shows in Philly and Larry West Productions has done all we (well, I) can do to help in the effort of supporting metal in Philly. To that end, I am disappointed that a majority of blogs that devote time and effort to posting about shows and concerts RARELY post about metal, and only then to either do it ironically or to make fun of it. Granted, this is not a flat-out truth, nor is it true of every blog out there in Philly. That said, it is still frustrating seeing some annoying hipster band that acts as background music get more press than, say, a national long-standing group that comes around and actually challenges its listeners to think and be active.

To that end, I am going to encourage my local partners in Philly Concert Blogging to step up to the cause of promoting MORE acts in this city!

Now, some may scoff at certain blogs about this idea. To that end, I would like to point out that you simply never know who’s really is into metal and willing to come out to a show. Its shocking going out around town and talking to people about concerts who are clean-cut and in suits, and hearing how annoyed they are that they missed seeing Municipal Waste come to town because no one told them!

My goal, as both an artist, musician, and just someone who fucking LOVES metal, has been, and will be, to make sure national acts and even LOCAL acts (Just contact me! I’m looking at you, Ray-Gradys!) get the word out and as much press and exposure as possible! But I can’t do it alone. I’ve drawn, designed, printed, and handed out all the flyers you’ve seen posted all by myself, and its a lot for one guy to handle.

If you want more metal and punk acts to come to Philly and NOT Allentown or Atlantic City, then you MUST support toe metal scene HERE! THAT’S what its going to take, and THAT’S how we keep getting bigger and better shows!

Support the cause and stay true to your metal and punk roots!