UNARMED BLACK MALE – The Artwork of Larry West

Unarmed Black Male - Art Show Flyer

(Philadelphia, PA) — Malelani Cafe Mt. Airy, the hottest and most energetic cafe in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia, will be presenting Unarmed Black Male, a solo exhibition featuring the Stuckism/Pop-Art work of Larry West. The exhibition will run May 3 – June 6, with an opening reception on Sunday, May 3 from 2pm to 4:30pm. The opening and exhibition are free and open to the public.

With the recent wave of news about unarmed black males, Larry West, a local illustrator and designer, had this to say about the show:
“As a fellow unarmed black male, I wanted to show the world that we don’t have to just be statistics. We can be amazing artists, designers, and productive members of society. Granted, the current news doesn’t show that, so I figured it was about time to show the other side. Do Black Lives Matter only when the person is dead, or are we going to support them when they’re alive?”

Larry West’s style has focused on skewing contemporary society, and Unarmed Black Male is the latest example of this. The show features over 20 pieces that range from his take on recent protests, religious movements, to pop-culture. His clients have included Megadeth, the Ron Paul Presidential Election Campaign, Wednesday 13, Dancing Ferret Converts, and the Admiral Theater. Always controversial and never safe, Larry’s sought-after and award-winning work has been featured in Rolling Stone and the book The Art Of Metal.

Malelani Cafe in Mt. Airy is located at 6734 Germantown Ave in Philadelphia, PA and can be reached at 267-766-2396. Larry West is a Philadelphia artist who was born and raised in the Mt. Airy section and has never left.

The Art Show that Never Happened

Back in October, I was excited about getting another art show at that coffee shop that hosted my last one. I was nervous and because of a hectic year and I pushed it back from September to October. That wound up being a mistake because they wound up going out of business right before my show was supposed to go out. To make matters worse, I found out the day they were closing. The silver lining was that I hadn’t invested in getting any prints or frames yet.

I wound up creating a lot of new art, and while that isn’t this post, I did create some awesome flyers. I had two different names for my show and I had started work on the flyers before I got the news. The flyers featured new pieces of art.

This is Your Life Flyer

This was the original name of the show. I had the idea to call it this after the Dio tribute album I was listening to, as well as the name of the last song Ronnie James Dio recorded before he passed. The lyrics to “This is Your Life” basically are about doing what you love because it is YOUR life.

Unarmed Black Male

This WAS going to be the actual name of the show. I decided to all it this, largely because I’m just sick of term being used as a catch-all for black males. Its gotten to the point, which you may have seen in my feed earlier, that instead of just being me and being judged for what I can do, that I’m just a victim. I decided to just give it the name “Unarmed Black Male” in part to just fuck with everyone who saw the flyer and because I wanted to take it back.

Creative 365: Best of September

The Creative 365 project is me doing everything I can to do something amazing and creative every single day for a year! Every month, I plan on posting the best pieces from it for you here!

After spending an entire weekend prepping for the art show non-stop, I wound up spending most of September pushing my creative boundaries. I had a photo shoot with Jernike and came up with some neat illustrations and designs. I even did a commissioned posted for a Mentalist.

Demonic Harbinger - Pencils

Jernike - '2013 Apocalypse'

Generic Company - Stationery

Hail Satan Badge

I Have Become Death

Egoism is the very essence of a noble soul

MSPR Wallpaper Concepts

Egoism is the very essence of a noble soul

Little Spider


Music, Sex, & Religion - The Artwork of Larry West



Philadelphia artist Larry West is pleased to announce his latest show, “Music, Sex, & Religion” at the intimate InFusion Cafe in the Mt. Airy neighborhood featuring Heavy Metal-inspired Pop-Art. Larry West is a locally-known artist and illustrator who has worked with horror rock band Wednesday 13 and did design work for the Ron Paul for President campaign. InFusion Cafe has chosen to show his work for the month of September 2013.

Larry West’s show consists of his gig poster designers, concert photos, and other pieces related to music, sexuality, and religion. The show focuses of showing how all three are interconnected in ways that enrich the human experience, and inspires some of the greatest achievements possible. The show runs from September 3rd to September 30th, with an opening reception on September 13th, 2013, from 5pm to 7pm.

Living in Philadelphia his entire art, Larry West has enjoyed doing First Friday events in Old City and creating work for various bands and political figures. “I’ve always enjoyed metal music, and for this show I wanted to focus on what it means to me as both an artist and fan.

InFusion Cafe has hosted various art show over the years, but nothing like the pop-art and politically-charged artwork created by Larry West. Located at 7133 Germantown Avenue in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia, InFusion Cafe is a coffee shop and cafe that allows for artists to put on display some of the best contemporary art around while guests enjoy Fair Trade and local coffee’s. The shop is open from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm on Saturday, and 8am to 4pm on Sunday’s.

For more information on Larry West and his work, as well as how to contact him, visit his website at larrywestproductions.com

You can see the Facebook Event Page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/122365171267266/

Just Got the Flyers for My Show!

I’ve had a really, really, weird week up to, and including today. I’ve had a feeling of impending doom mixed with malaise mixed with other things. Really, I’ve just been kinda depressed. I have a little over a week left before my show and, so far… I have nothing. Nada. Everything is planned out, but nothings printed, I still didn’t even order my business cards, and I don’t feel like I measure up as an artist as I should. I think a lot of artists go through that last bit.

So today I got a call from Digital Ferret saying the flyers for my show came in! BLEW ME AWAY! I couldn’t believe it! Something like that… well, I’ve been planning this show since February, and after a while, the show becomes more of an “abstract thought” than a tangible thing. Getting the flyers for your show in your hands… well, it makes everything a lot more real!

Only 10 days to go, and I’m getting really psyched now!