FEAR FACTORY – New Poster Up!

Fear Factory Tour Poster 2010 by *luvataciousskull on deviantART So here is the latest piece from me, a gig poster for Fear Factory’s Philadelphia show for June 6th. This piece wound up being a personal fav by the time it was done, and Fear Factory is one of my favorite bands, so it was nice …Read More


I Try To Keep My Faith Alive! by LuvataciousSkullView other Pop art Posters So Zazzle is having another sale on posters, and that means that, for a limited time, ALL of my posters are only 50% OFF!!! Myself? I plan on ordering at least one for myself to go over my bed, namely this piece. …Read More

R.I.P. – Frank Frazetta

February 9, 1928 – May 10, 2010

Inspirational Music Videos

This post is a long-time coming! When I was younger, I loved music videos. They were the only way of learning of a lot of bands when I was that age, and so many of them were cool. Nowadays, I actually try to avoid them if only because the ones in my head tend to …Read More

I Declare War

Today, I’ve finally had enough. I’m sick of not getting my decks into the shops… I’m sick of not getting gallery shows… I’m sick of not having apparel in stores while a bunch of fucking hipsters with a silk screen machine make shitty shirts and a killing off them! Today, I’m going to start to …Read More

Why Is Samas Aran so Over-Sexualized?

Growing up, Samas Aran looked like this: Which was really cool. For the longest time, almost even especially today, women in video games were either A) Helpless princesses who needed a man to save them, B) For decoration, or C) Not able to do anything cool other than to look really hot. Samus was the …Read More


Don’t! (Tread on Me) by LuvataciousSkull Browse Gadsden T-Shirts Yep, $4 off all of my t-shirts! So now you can buy this awesome Don’t! (Tread on Me) t-shirt I made, or even better, my DIE HIPSTER SCUM t-shirt! St. Patty’s Day Sale! $4 OFF ALL T-SHIRTS!Use Code: 4OFFPATTYTEE

How One Douchebag Decided to Rip-Off Artists on eBay

This isn’t a black and white issue. Let me state something now before I rip this guy apart: I’m all for selling something you own on eBay, artwork included. If you spent, say, $200 on a piece of art and decide to sell it because you don’t have anywhere to put it… well, its your …Read More

One of the Dumbest Thing I’ve Done to Get Freelance Work

Back in 2008, I had just gotten my first full-time job and was starting to feel really confident about my work. So I decided to try and drum up some new business by handing out stickers to people I thought might like my work. I got to meet the metal band Meshuggah at Relapse Records …Read More

Evil Priestess of Hell


Eternal Priestess of Hell by MarkSkull Use the skateboard designer on zazzle The Eternal Priestess of Hell, sent to earth to enslave those who oppose!