Belial's Servant

Belial’s Servant

“Belial’s Servant” was created out of passion more than anything else. I wanted to get back in touch with my religious roots, and it felt really good to work on this. I originally had no concept in mind for this, and it really wound up drawing itself. I used the Celestial Alphabet on her chest …Read More

Belial Inks

Work In Progress: Belial’s Servant

This is what happens when I just sit down and draw. Inks are done and the colors are now being worked on.

Lewis Black is Always Right

I just got done reading Lewis Black’s “Me of Little Faith” two days ago. While it has a bit to do with religion and a bit to do with his personal life, it has two fairly big moments about writing. As someone going through an artistic spiritual crisis, these parts spoke to me pretty loudly. …Read More

Warning Signs for Young Illustrators and Designers In Want-Ads

So you’ve decided to go out and try to get some freelance work by checking out ads on Craigslist. Despite what some will say, it is a great source for potential clients, but there are, like always, problems. There are red flags you should look out for whenever you’re checking out an ad, and other …Read More

MONSTERS (In My Head): The Disturbing Illustrations of Larry West

The Monsters are no longer confined to under your bed! Philadelphia Artist/Native Larry West returns to the Philadelphia Art Scene with his next art show, “Monsters (In My Head)”. After 6 years of toil, agony, and fear, Philadelphia Artist Larry West unveils the monsters that reside in his head! An exhibit in the macabre and …Read More

Spray Paint, I Think I Love You!

To say there’s a bit of a disconnect between people who do street art and graffiti and everyone else is a bit of an understatement. For basically my entire life, I’ve had the viewpoint that most graffiti (99.99%) was junk and should be removed, especially on stuff around where I lived. I still think that, …Read More


OTEP: Smash the Control Machine!

This started as a dig at BP, and it wound up being a really subtle one instead. The girl in a bikini with the gas mask is meant to represent the devastation that BP is doing to the Gulf Coast, as well as to the beaches of Florida. The fact of the matter is, at …Read More

New Projects in the Work

Lots of new projects in the work, mostly public-space stuff. I’m keeping it pretty hush-hush for now, but you’ll see what I mean soon enough.


HOLE 2010 Poster – Hail Courtney, Full of Grace

CHECK OUT THE POSTER ON DEVIANT ART!!!!! You know what I love? Pop art, the 90’s, and Hole. I bought the album “Live Through This” for the first time only a little more than a month ago. It’s astonishing that it came out when it did, only a few days after Kurt Cobain’s suicide. Songs …Read More

FEAR FACTORY – June 6th – Meet and Greet and Concert!!!

Fear Factory. The name alone commands a respect very few metal bands have. Having been one of the biggest driving forces of heavy metal during the 90’s, and still keeping the flame strong during the better part of the last 10 years, the band went on “hiatus” in 2006. This year, they came back in …Read More