Looking for Photo Shoots

Looking for a photographer to do your next goth or punk photo shoot? Do you want someone with experience who can take photos that can put others to shame and make you the envy of all your friends? Are you looking to take your modeling career to heights you haven’t been able to make it …Read More


MAYHEM – 2011 Gig Poster – The Mouth of Madness!

I wanted to do something COMPLETELY different as a gig poster than I had ever done before, and since Mayhem has always had an aura of terror and mysticism about them (anyone who knows Norwegian black metal will tell you that!), and I wanted to capture the feeling I got from them when I listen …Read More

Wednesday 13 - Gig Poster

Wednesday 13 – The Bride of Frankenstein!

Check out the piece on DeviantArt! When I heard Wednesday 13 was coming to town, I knew I HAD to do a gig poster for it! He’s one of my favorite musicians, and his mix of horror, punk, and metal is just awesome! He has a sense of humor to his music that gives it …Read More

Occupy Philly

I Stand with Occupy Philly

  It’s been a long week. On October 5th, I went to a planning meeting with the newly-formed Art Committee for Occupy Philadelphia. I knew I wanted to help out in any way I possibly could, and I figured the best way for me would be to design protest posters. They were designed that night, …Read More


NOFX "Obama Clown" Poster

Check out the poster on DeviantArt! NOFX and Anti-Flag. Easily two of my favorite punk bands! Every time NOFX comes to Philly it sells out immediately, and this time around they’re not selling tickets until the day of the show! I love doing posters for bands coming to Philly that I enjoy, especially if there …Read More

Hell Needs Women

Hell Needs Women – My Latest Photoshoot

I did a photo shoot with two awesome goth / alt models Jernike and Chrissy in an abandoned factory in Philadelphia. It was  a hell of a shoot, involving danger, hobos, blood, and dying batteries! Thrills and chills awaited us in the shoot, and I’m glad to share this with the world! Check out the …Read More

Make a Wish Come True, Get FREE ART!

This is my Wish List So here’s the deal: I need some stuff. Some of it will help me with my art. Some of it will help with my house. The rest of it would just be awesome to have. For the first time ever, I’m willing to offer a trade of sorts: You …Read More

Sometimes You Need Help with a Dream

For the past few months, I’ve felt that I need to do more with my life. During the past few weeks, I started doing more and more to get myself out of my little rut and actually make a change. Over the past week, I’ve started to make some plans to accomplish what I’m dreaming. …Read More

June 2011 – The Fierce Demoness Wallpaper!

After much delay, I am pleased to bring back the monthly calendar wallpaper to the world! The Fierce Demoness is here to strike fear into the hearts of those who dare to cross her path! The propaganda-style will help to induct the poor saps who dare to resist her beauty! The Fierce Demoness -June 2011- …Read More

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