Curse the Living!

Wednesday 13 – Curse The Living T-Shirt

Sometimes, dreams DO come true. Back in October of 2011, I saw Wednesday 13 was going to play The Troc here in Philadelphia, and I decided to take the initiative to do a gig poster for the show. The show was packed and I had one hell of a good time! Wednesday 13 saw the …Read More

Creative 365: Two Weeks In

Creative 365: Two Weeks In

  So 7 years ago (holy hell, it WAS that long ago!), I tried my first 365 project. You can see the failed attempt here. I made it to nearly 2 months, and had about 22 finished pieces, 18 penciled pieces, and missed a total of 11 days. What I learned from this failed attempt …Read More

Creative 365

Creative 365: Being Creative Every Day for a Year

The purpose of the Creative 365 Project is actually very simple: Create something every day for a year. The original concept was born years ago when I wanted to do a drawing a day for a year. The idea, sadly, fell through fast when I started to suffer burnout. So the idea sat around for …Read More


PESTILENCE – Lamb of God / In Flames – 2012 Poster

PESTILENCE – The First of the Four Sisters of the Apocalypse Gig poster for Lamb of God and In Flames for their show at The Electric Factory on November 24th in Philadelphia. This is the first in a series of 4 posters. Check out the piece on DeviantArt!

The Department of Trepidation

The Department of Trepidation

Back in June, I had an idea to help get people interested in the world around them: The Department of Trepidation! The concept was simple: Create a series of posters based on current events to get people talking. The result was a lot of people discussing the topics I brought up, including “flash robs”, soda …Read More

Bride of the Stripping Dead

Bride of the Stripping Dead!

The Admiral Theater in Chicago, IL contacted me about doing a poster for their event, “Bride of the Stripping Dead.” It was a ton of fun to do and the scope was pretty simple: Do a poster of The Bride of the Frankenstein as a stripped with a ton of attitude! I wanted to keep …Read More

Tips for Designers: How To Avoid Being Taken Advantage Of

As a freelancer for going on 8 years now, I’ve learned something that anyone in the design and art business should know: How to avoid scams, or more likely, how to avoid being taken advantage of. So here’s the difference; a scam is someone trying to get something for nothing through knowingly deceiving you and …Read More

Ron Paul

Ron Paul 2012 – Official Philadelphia Shirt Design!

Mind. BLOWN! I was asked by someone working with the Ron Paul 2012 campaign to design a t-shirt for a Philadelphia Fund Raiser that takes place February 6th at National Mechanics. The event is being organized by Patrick Rodgers, the incredibly brilliant man who not only owns and runs Digital Ferret Records and Nocturne at …Read More

Ash of Ambitions

Ash of Ambitions

I was contacted by my good friend and author Y.K. Greene to design the cover for her latest book, Ash of Ambitions. The job was actually rather different for me; Instead of being asked to illustrate or just design a cover, she also wanted me to do the photography as well. So after a long …Read More

Gig Poster Portfolio

Larry West – Gig Poster Portfolio – NOW AVAILABLE!!!!

Larry West here! I’ve compiled my 10 favorite Gig Posters and put them together in an ULTRA-LIMITED EDITION SET! I’ve been designing and creating gig posters for years and I decided it was time to present them in the best way possible! Each poster is printed on 90lb Vellum Paper stock and comes in a …Read More