How a Boring, Benign Thing Made Me Happy

I’ve been depressed. Really depressed. To a degree, it doesn’t make sense: My first art show EVER is Friday, I have almost everything ready to go, and I should be thrilled. At the same time, I’ve been depressed about the show for every reason someone would be: “Will anyone come for my art?” “Will people …Read More

My Art Show: 90% There

Wow.. its been a really productive weekend! On Friday I went to my old college and printed out just about all my artwork for my show. I couldn’t print out 4 of them since they are incredibly large, but the majority of is now ready to go. I mounted everything last night and today spent …Read More

Art Show Is Coming Together!

So, here’s the story: As of Thursday, I didn’t have anything ready for the show and no supplies. As of today, 90% of my artwork is ready to go, needs to be mounted, and that’s about it. I’m settling on the layout now on my computer so its set when I put up the show. …Read More

The Great Western Trendkill: Graphic Design Trends That Must DIE!

I’m at it again! Devoting time and effort to posting something that is annoying to me. This time, it isn’t just for me: This post is dedicated to every designer out there who is sick and tired of the crap out there and wants it to… well, DIE! 1: Web 2.0 Do I have to …Read More

Just Got the Flyers for My Show!

I’ve had a really, really, weird week up to, and including today. I’ve had a feeling of impending doom mixed with malaise mixed with other things. Really, I’ve just been kinda depressed. I have a little over a week left before my show and, so far… I have nothing. Nada. Everything is planned out, but …Read More

New Project in the Works: Redesigning a Heavy Metal / Punk Radio Station!

Really excited about this one! I relaunched my radio station, Mark Skull Pirate Radio, and in turn am working on a new design and layout for the website. The website has, to date, gone through 3 different versions, and this one promises to be the best. So far, I can’t say much at all. Its …Read More


What Happened To Branding?

Sometimes I feel older than I should. This isn’t a figure of speech your about to read, nor am I over-simplifying what happened. I woke up this morning, eyes aching from the attempts to open them after basically rubbing away the protective layer on them last night and then having it grow back this morning. …Read More

Swine Flu

Helping Out Agains the Swine Flu

It’s safe to say that, while this event seems to be overblown, there is reason for people to get involved, if only to help others understand what’s going on out there. To that effect, I’ve created a flier with facts to help everyone out there. Also, 50% of all the profits from products with this …Read More

Swine Flu

SWINE FLU – Beware The Pandemic! Poster

SWINE FLU – Beware The Pandemic! by LuvataciousSkull As of 4/28/2009, Swine Flu has been upgraded to a Level 5 Disease by WHO, which is a step away from a full-blown pandemic. In the eyes of myself, and many others around the country, this entire situation is overblown and a joke. At least, hopefully its …Read More

Larry West on The Art of Politics 2008 – "False Messiah"

Back in early 2008, I entered my “Your Candidate Sucks!” series to The Art of Politics 2008, a contest to get artists around America to submit art based on politics. I was happy that my pieces “War Without End” and “False Messiah” were chosen to be nominees, and really excited that I was a finalist, …Read More