DON’T! (Tread on Me) – New Piece!

Don’t! (Tread on Me) by LuvataciousSkull I did this piece back in July and finally got a chance to post it today. The piece is called “Don’t! (Tread On Me)” and is based on the Gadsden Flag that was flown at the birth of America. In my version, it’s a recoiled snake skeleton ready to …Read More


OK, this is just plain AWESOME! Zazzle, the company that produces my skateboards, has a sale going on where you can get 40& OFF ALL SKATEBOARD DECKS! No kidding! 40%! Basically, the decks cost about $25 – $30, which is the CHEAPEST you’ll ever find these for anywhere! The sale is going on until Monday, …Read More


Now You’re Playing With POWER!

I did this piece for an upcoming art show called “8-Bit and Beyond”, which is being held by The Autumn Society of Philadelphia, a group of illustrators from Philly and the surrounding areas. It was really humbling to get to do something for it, and I was really psyched to get it done! My friend …Read More

How I’m Now Inking My Art – Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

For the first time since you saw that bad joke, yes, this is a sort of “electric boogaloo”. In Part 1, I went over how I inked my piece and ended it on the part where… well, the inking is done. Is it? Well… kind of. When it comes to a piece, 90% of the …Read More

How I’m Now Inking My Work – Part 1

I started inking a new piece and I decided to do a little self-serving thing and talk about my “process”. I like inking by hand, its something I’ve always enjoyed. Later we can discuss that, inking over originals, etc… When I was in college, I thought about getting a job as an inker since it …Read More

Some Useless Notes on Inking

I’m in the middle of inking 2, count them, TWO new pieces right now. I finished up the first (for now) and have started on the second. Its actually is amazing to me; to draw normally takes longer than to actually ink a piece! For this piece, which I call “Don’t!”, was actually a change. …Read More

TONS Of New Stuff Going On!

Word just came in the Bravo is having a contest for artists that involve everything from cash to a gallery show to a national tour! So I’m working overtime trying to get work ready for that show! I’ve been working on a few other things as well, like a patriotic series and what not.

Why Is Modern Graphic Design So Damn Generic?!

Helvetica. Arial. Futura. Why has is become so standard to use simple and generic fonts for everything? I am, quite frankly, not happy with this. It isn’t entirely because of my hatred of the Web 2.0, although it is safe to say that is part of it. No, its largely because it seems to take …Read More

My Art Show Went Really Well!

Wow, what a night! After 4 months of planning and a ton of work, I finally had my art show! I had everything laid out at home, it took a while to print, mount, and hang everything, and the flyers made were wrong, and there was little to no press about it, or the two …Read More

THE YOUTH IS REVOLTING! – The Art of Larry West at Digital Ferret Records

PRESS RELEASE – THE YOUTH IS REVOLTING! – The Art of Larry West at Digital Ferret Nearly 200 people turned out to the first art show of Philadelphia-native Larry West, turning it into a massive success for all involved! Fed by a steady stream of blog posts, flyers, and sheer word-of-mouth, Digital Ferret Records 4th …Read More