After 11 Years, I Finally Found my Drawing Style… For Now

Well, it took 11 years, but I finally found a drawing style that I think works. What am I talking about? When I was 13, I had been drawing for about 3 years. At that point, I was just copying drawings of cartoons in magazines and I had both run out of things to copy …Read More

Octopus in a Jar

Octopus In a Jar by LuvataciousSkullPoster printing by zazzle Last weekend I did two different conventions: A Crafts Fair and a Alternative Comic Book Convention. In the end, this was the top-selling print I did. Cool, huh? I did this last year based on a photo of an octopus in a jar.

Cyber-Goth Chick

Cyber-Goth by LuvataciousSkull Browse Cybergoth Posters I did this back in 2006 and at my first art show in 2009, it was a big hit! So I thought I would share it with the world! I did the image based on an image I saw in a magazine at the time, and had some fun …Read More

Logo Design is Lot Like Car Sales….

“I need a logo for my band! $20.00 in it for you.” These were the words spread across the message board to alert the members of the metal music forum of a need for a designer. Someone, somewhere, needed a logo for their band. In return, they showed they were willing to pay someone to …Read More

The Demoness Said KILL! – My Sweet New Skateboard from Zazzle!

I came home yesterday to my custom skateboard deck made by I’ve trusted these folks with helping to spread my art and designs through merchandising, and they’ve yet to disappoint. This morning I finally cracked open the package of the skateboard I ordered and, well, it was AWESOME!!!! For the skateboard techs, here are …Read More


“Die, Rabbit. Die!” Print by LuvataciousSkull See other poster designs on I want to say that this piece is “out of the crypts”, and to a degree it is. I did it back in 2004 and its a fairly rare expressionist piece I did with pen and ink. I’ve been asked a lot what …Read More

RULES! – The Larry West Snearker!

RULES 2 Sneaker by LuvataciousSkullBrowse other Rules Keds Shoes I originally designed this a year ago, and I’ve finally had a chance to bring it to life! These are a pair of sneakers designed and based around my series of propaganda-based pieces called RULES. This is in a series of sneakers I personally designer!

A Few More Notes on My Piece "False Messiah"

What you see before you is a piece I did in May of 2008 called “OBEY False Messiah”. I wanted to explain my piece a little bit. I created the piece in a time where I felt mixed in my opinion both about Obama and the direction of the nation in terms of support of …Read More

Rejection: How I Learned how to Deal With It

When it comes to rejection, I would joke I’m the king of it, but I’m really not. It isn’t because I’ve been turned down a lot in the past… its because I’ve been too afraid to even ask. Then again, I’m talking about women. In this case, we’re talking about art, and that’s a different …Read More

What I Learned about Philadelphia on First Friday

In a previous post, I outlined, in very blunt terms, what I thought about the Philadelphia Art Scene and why, in turn, I despised it. Last night I did my 3rd First Friday and my second of the year, and it was really interesting seeing people react to my art. I was surrounded by basically …Read More