Municipal Waste


Municipal Waste, for the uninitiated, is a crossover thrash metal band from the great state of Virgina. For years, they have built a loyal and dedicated fan base here in Philadelphia, and have played at the First Unitarian Church to countless applause and moshpits! Thursday, December 10th at 7:30PM, they will take the stage yet …Read More

Government Censorship

GOVERNMENT CENSORSHIP Mug Sale: But One, Get One Free!

GOVERNMENT CENSORSHIP Mug by LuvataciousSkull Make a custom travel mug with zazzle Zazzle is having a deal where you can buy one mug and get a second free! Check it out, and enjoy! 🙂 Coupon code: 12DEALS2MUGS

Authority Is Love. Feel Secure.

Authority is Love by LuvataciousSkull Browse more art available on zazzle   Back when Obama was about to take the oath of office, I had an idea of printing out a ton of these posters and posting them around Philadelphia. Sadly, I never got the chance. Inspired by all the pro-Obama hoopla, I decided to …Read More

The Creative Process: A Look At How an Average Day Goes

Today is what I would call an average day for me and a real look at how, exactly, the “creative process” works. Or, more accurately, how a day goes when I want to do something but can’t. A day off. It’s rare, it seems, that a day comes along when I don’t have to go …Read More

Why Modern Art and Design Sucks Part 1: Whats Wrong?

I’m 24, and I already feel like the old man on his porch complaining about why things were so much better when he was younger. I can only imagine how bad I’ll be in another 40 years. There are a lot of things that, frankly, piss me off about modern art and design. I hate …Read More

Do People Still Value Creativity?

This is just going to be a straight-out rant. No images, no examples: Just me ranting. Do people still value creativity? The more I look at our culture and society, the less I think they do. Its a paradox, really. In this modern age, we’re able to connect with anyone and everyone in a blink …Read More

Your life IN FLAMES


For sale until Sunday on eBay is a print of the EXTREMELY-LIMITED run of In Flames tour posters! I only made 10, and right now only 1 is up for sale! Make sure you check it out

Drinking Coffee Liberally

Drinking Coffee Liberally – New Poster, Awesome Group!

Back in March, a group I periodically attended called Drinking Liberally decided to do something different: Instead of meeting at a bar at night, why not meet on a Sunday afternoon over coffee? The result was a larger group, lively discussions, and a lot of fun! But it was at that time that we discussed …Read More

Your life IN FLAMES

Feel the Realness of Your Convictions! – In Flames Tour Poster

This is another poster I did for fun: Again, not commissioned by the band or the venue, but me trying my damnedest to help both. I was on the train home this time around when I started sketching out the layout of this piece. I threw on “Come Clarity” and just started to draw what …Read More


OBITUARY – The Troc, 9/28, 6PM – Be There!

“Stop Bitching and Start a Revolution”. To me, these are words to live by. I love metal shows, and I love concert posters. So its always a shock and annoyance to me to never see posters or flyers for metal concerts coming up in Philadelphia. The local blogs seem to tend to ignore them, instead …Read More