Government Censorship

GOVERNMENT CENSORSHIP Mug Sale: But One, Get One Free!

GOVERNMENT CENSORSHIP Mug by LuvataciousSkull Make a custom travel mug with zazzle Zazzle is having a deal where you can buy one mug and get a second free! Check it out, and enjoy! 🙂 Coupon code: 12DEALS2MUGS

Authority Is Love. Feel Secure.

Authority is Love by LuvataciousSkull Browse more art available on zazzle   Back when Obama was about to take the oath of office, I had an idea of printing out a ton of these posters and posting them around Philadelphia. Sadly, I never got the chance. Inspired by all the pro-Obama hoopla, I decided to …Read More

The Creative Process: A Look At How an Average Day Goes

Today is what I would call an average day for me and a real look at how, exactly, the “creative process” works. Or, more accurately, how a day goes when I want to do something but can’t. A day off. It’s rare, it seems, that a day comes along when I don’t have to go …Read More

Why Modern Art and Design Sucks Part 1: Whats Wrong?

I’m 24, and I already feel like the old man on his porch complaining about why things were so much better when he was younger. I can only imagine how bad I’ll be in another 40 years. There are a lot of things that, frankly, piss me off about modern art and design. I hate …Read More

Do People Still Value Creativity?

This is just going to be a straight-out rant. No images, no examples: Just me ranting. Do people still value creativity? The more I look at our culture and society, the less I think they do. Its a paradox, really. In this modern age, we’re able to connect with anyone and everyone in a blink …Read More

Your life IN FLAMES


For sale until Sunday on eBay is a print of the EXTREMELY-LIMITED run of In Flames tour posters! I only made 10, and right now only 1 is up for sale! Make sure you check it out

Drinking Coffee Liberally

Drinking Coffee Liberally – New Poster, Awesome Group!

Back in March, a group I periodically attended called Drinking Liberally decided to do something different: Instead of meeting at a bar at night, why not meet on a Sunday afternoon over coffee? The result was a larger group, lively discussions, and a lot of fun! But it was at that time that we discussed …Read More

Your life IN FLAMES

Feel the Realness of Your Convictions! – In Flames Tour Poster

This is another poster I did for fun: Again, not commissioned by the band or the venue, but me trying my damnedest to help both. I was on the train home this time around when I started sketching out the layout of this piece. I threw on “Come Clarity” and just started to draw what …Read More


OBITUARY – The Troc, 9/28, 6PM – Be There!

“Stop Bitching and Start a Revolution”. To me, these are words to live by. I love metal shows, and I love concert posters. So its always a shock and annoyance to me to never see posters or flyers for metal concerts coming up in Philadelphia. The local blogs seem to tend to ignore them, instead …Read More

After 11 Years, I Finally Found my Drawing Style… For Now

Well, it took 11 years, but I finally found a drawing style that I think works. What am I talking about? When I was 13, I had been drawing for about 3 years. At that point, I was just copying drawings of cartoons in magazines and I had both run out of things to copy …Read More