The Joys of PHP Coding

Back in 2002 when I first started building websites using raw HTML, I never would have imagined I would know what I do now about coding and building websites. I’ve written in the past about CSS coding, and its astounding how much I’ve learned in the last year alone about it! Not quite a CSS …Read More

New Facebook Fan Club!

You didn’t know? Larry West Productions now has a fan page on Facebook! Its one of the easiest ways to find out what I’m up to and what’s going on in terms of new pieces, promotions, sales, and much, much more! So if you love art, supporting Philadelphia artists, or anything else like that, make …Read More

Help Haiti

HELP HAITI – Hatian Earthquake Relief Effort Poster

This flyer is not for me. Watching the images coming out of Haiti, the level of devastation The earthquake destroyed lives, and devastated a weakened nation. It was nothing short of inspiring that, despite all the problems that have plagued this country, that they have gathered together to make sure that everyone stays safe and …Read More

Swine Flu

My SWINE FLU Poster Made the New York Times!!!

….. OK, their art blog, but still! Conversely, the poster titled “Swine Flu Beware the Pandemic,” by the artist with the nom-de-crayon LuvataciousSkull, (available through the online poster and T-shirt store, which shows an eerie drawing of a pig’s head atop the universal toxic waste symbol, suggests the film “28 Days Later,” in which …Read More

Introducing BLACK LABEL – 25 Years in the Making!

Well, today’s my birthday, and I am THRILLED to have it! My god, 25 years old. What’s that line from that Megadeth song “Of Mice and Men”? “At 25 I was surprised / That I was even half alive / somehow I managed to survive!” On top of that, I am pleased to basically announce …Read More

Philadelphia City Logo

Logo for the City of Philadelphia 2010: A Graphic Design Odysee

What a long, strange trip its been! OK, its not. Actually, it was a really short one, but incredibly fun! On New Years Eve, I found out Technically Philly was having a contest to see what design should be submitted the city to replace the much-despised current logo that was revealed last year. The deadline …Read More


THE ANVIL EXPERIENCE: Coming to Philadelphia January 17th!

–Check out the full-sized poster on With four clicks on a drum, the song begins. As the first verse goes through your head, you know something epic and triumphant is coming. As the song slowly builds up to the chorus, the refrain comes in and the fists start pumping. The song is “Metal on …Read More

Tips for Upcoming Web Designers

OK, I’m far enough along to announce this: There is a new website in the works. Its not a revision of my current site; its a brand-new, never did it before site. And it is going to rock! I just want to add this for all the upcoming designers and coders. Here are some tips …Read More


NEW YEAR, NEW YOU! I’m having a massive sale on all t-shirts, mugs, and binders! Be sure to head over to my account at and check out the selection! The sale runs from now until January 5th! Use coupon code NEWYOUZAZZLE ! Now You’re Playing With POWER! by LuvataciousSkull Design ring binders on …Read More


THE RULES DO NOT APPLY! by LuvataciousSkullCreate custom shoes on zazzle Really am thrilled about this! I designed a brand new sneaker based on my RULES series and this one is a lace-up sneaker by Zazzle. Check it out today!