I woke up around 7AM, and the room was still bright white. Though the sun was barely peeking through the clouds, a soft glow filled my room, my heart, and my mind. Turning on the TV revealed a shocking picture; the snow wasn’t that bad, SEPTA was still running, and life still went on. The …Read More

Comic Book in Progress?

So, I want to address something that comes up a lot, and that’s me working on comic books. One common thing I hear whenever I show my work to just about anyone is that I should do comic books. When I started to draw, and I mean REALLY get serious about then in 1998 when …Read More


Are you in a band? Are you sick and tired of not being able to get a decent looking gig poster so people will be at least interested in your band? Are you tired of people pointing and laughing at how utterly lame and horrible your posters are? THEN HIRE LARRY WEST! Yes, Larry West, …Read More

Evil Priestess of Hell

KREATOR – "Evil Priestess of Hell (Enemy of God)"

CHECK OUT THE POSTER OF DEVIANTART!!!! This piece is actually less about Kreator and more about the subject matter. It’s weird; it basically drew itself, but the design took a while to do. But it’s also based largely on the album cover for “Enemy of God Revisited” On the surface, this is just a semi-generic …Read More

I Present to You… THE CHOSEN!

The Chosen by MarkSkullMore The chosen Posters So I recently joined the incredibly awesome ArtsProjekt on! To celebrate, I decided to release a new poster of one of my favorite pieces, “The Chosen”! I had started working on an illustration that I had in mind for about a year. The idea was to create …Read More

Coming Soon: Playing Cards!

If everything goes as planned, I will have playing cards in the upcoming days and weeks. If you would be willing to pay maybe (MAYBE) $4 a deck for something that would feature custom Aces, Jacks, Queens, Kings, and a Joker, please let me know! If enough people are up for it, I will make …Read More

How to Stay Creative and Productive as an Artist

When I look back at the last 6 months of my life, I see a constant struggle to be creative and stay creative and busy. In early October, I was on a massive creative roll! A ton of ideas and piece came to mind, and I was excited about doing them all! Well, then I …Read More

Sexy Robots


Check out the Devin Townsend poster here. Check out the Between the Buried and Me poster here. So, this one needs little help from me, but I’m still pleased to do so with a double-shot of posters! BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME will be playing in Philadelphia at The Troc on January 31st at 6PM. …Read More

Wacom Tablet Pen Pressure not Working in Photoshop? Here’s an Easy Fix!

Step One: Shut Down Photoshop Step Two: Unplug your Wacom Tablet Step Three: Reconnect your Wacom Tablet Step Four: Turn on Photoshop Now, if you’re still having problems, you may want to check and see it its your tablet, or try restarting your computer. If that doesn’t help, I recommend contacting Wacom and getting support. …Read More

Arch Enemy Poster

Arch Enemy, Exodus, and Arsis – THE RISE OF EVIL!

Arch Enemy, Exodus, AND Arsis are coming to Philadelphia on January 21st to The TLA! Tickets range between $16 and $20, and starts at 8PM! Feel free to download this poster, make copies, and just spread the word about this show! Get your tickets either at the box office or online. — Now, on that …Read More