THE YOUTH IS REVOLTING! – The Art of Larry West at Digital Ferret Records


THE YOUTH IS REVOLTING! – The Art of Larry West at Digital Ferret

Nearly 200 people turned out to the first art show of Philadelphia-native Larry West, turning it into a massive success for all involved!

Fed by a steady stream of blog posts, flyers, and sheer word-of-mouth, Digital Ferret Records 4th Friday event featuring the artwork of Larry West and the bands Red This Ever and Ninetwelve went off without a hitch! Larry, best known for his 2007 mayoral run, came into his own as an artist with pieces that showed not only his political side, but also a focus on artwork that drew influence from artist Pushead and Roy Lichtenstein, a style he likes to call “Sub-Americana”.

Larry came in dressed in all black with goggles on his head. When asked why, he stated, “Its because the art scene in this city seems to be littered with people who try too hard to be ‘hip’. Too many pastels, too much of the same… this is me, in essence, rejecting it with something better. This is my personal revolt.”

West went on to sell a record number of pieces that night for both himself and Digital Ferret. West received strong criticism during the lead-up to the show from Obama supporters for including his piece depicting Obama with the word “Obey” behind him in a piece he calls “False Messiah”.

“I’m very happy with this turnout!”, West remarked. “I’m just thrilled so many people enjoyed my work!”

On top of a strong opening night, the show will run from today until June 24th, 2009 at Digital Ferret Records at 732 S 4th Street.

Larry West’s artwork can be viewed at his website:

About Larry West: Larry West is best known for his 2007 run for Mayor. He has since then taken a larger turn towards his artwork, and still comments constantly about politics in Philadelphia, and the world.