WELCOME To The Official Larry West Productions Blog!

I decided to start a new blog dedicated to only posting about news and events of a professional artist nature on this blog, called “Larry West Productions: The Blog”. The launch coincides with the launching of the official website for myself, Larry West, at Larry West Productions.

So, since I get a sort of new start, let me start by explaining why, exactly, it’s called “Larry West Productions”.
Larry West Productions is named so because I do a whole host of things! While the primary focus is, and always will be, on illustration, I have expanded myself so I can do great graphic design work, web design, photography, writing, and marketing, just to name a few things. Just call me a Renisance Man working during the Second Great American Depression.
Also, I have an art show coming up! Updates will be coming in as much as possible, but just now this: It will be May 22nd at Digital Ferret Records at 7PM – 10PM.