Sometimes You Need Help with a Dream

For the past few months, I’ve felt that I need to do more with my life. During the past few weeks, I started doing more and more to get myself out of my little rut and actually make a change. Over the past week, I’ve started to make some plans to accomplish what I’m dreaming.

At this point… I’m going to need help.

I’m stuck not saying what my idea is exactly, but I know its solid and the start of something good. I can say that of the ideas, it involves furniture, photos, and and even more than that. The core of my art is still going to be illustration and graphic design, and the ideas I have will expand on it in ways you have never seen before!

Like I said, I am going to need help. Lots of help.

After what I’ve seen from various artists, I want to give Kickstarter a try. I want to talk to a few friends of mine and see what they think, and see if they can give me a hand with it as well.