Creative 365: The Best of May

The Creative 365 project is me doing everything I can to do something amazing and creative every single day for a year! Every month, I plan on posting the best pieces from it for you here!

It was a month of experimentation and pushing new limits. We lost of Jeff Hanneman of Slayer, Philadelphia decided to install more cameras, and I decided to motivate myself to create some of the best work I’ve done to date.

I wound up attempting a redesign of Model Mayhem, experimenting with mixed-media, and a few typography exercises. All in all, it was a pretty solid month.

The Girl in the Slayer Vest

I'm OK With Cameras!

Pennsylvania Prime

My Name is Roxy, and I fucking hate you!

Almost Again

No Excuses

Change the World

Iron Knuckle

Hallelujah Motherfucker

Model Mayhem Profile Redesign

Creative 365: The Best of April

The Creative 365 project is me doing everything I can to do something amazing and creative every single day for a year! Every month, I plan on posting the best pieces from it for you here!

April was a month of incredible highs and lows. Not a lot of illustrations, but with the events in Boston it gave me a chance to do something to try and help some folks in Boston.

Procrastination is the Enemy of Creativity

It Feels like I'm Suffocating

It Might have Been

Boston Strong

We Got Him!

The Gate


Album Cover idea

Boston: Stay Safe, Stay Strong!

Boston Strong

Today, the Boston Marathon was subject to a terrorist attack. I can’t begin to understand what they’re going though, let alone all the anger and rage.

When I heard about this, first I was shocked, then sad… and after a moment, just mad. Downright furious! The moment it was realized that, yes, this was a terrorist attack, I wanted to run up to Boston, track the asshole down, and beat them! All of this anger just rushed through me!

And then I realized that there was a more positive thing for me to do: Try and help the people hurt, and the people of Boston.

I’m going to do whatever I can do to help. I’m going to give blood if I can, and if I can help anyone affected, I will. My heart is with all of you.

Today is Patriot’s Day, a day to remember the brave and amazing people who fought so hard to give us this freedom we love so much! Paul Revere, one of Boston’s greatest patriots, sounded the call far and why to make sure everyone was safe and ready for the attack. Today, a monument stands to remind us all of that night.

Boston: Stay Safe, Stay Strong.

The photo of the statue of Paul Revere was taken by lizerixt.

Creative 365: The Best of March

The Creative 365 project is me doing everything I can to do something amazing and creative every single day for a year! Every month, I plan on posting the best pieces from it for you here!

This month I saw my work grow and expand more than I thought. There wasn’t as much illustration as I would have liked, but the graphic design and photography I did are among some of my best! There were a lot of bad days, but the work doesn’t reflect it. In fact, in a lot of cases, it overcame them.

If there is one lesson to be learned, it’s this: Drawn even when you hate it, design even if you wish you didn’t have to, and capture every moment you can.


Wasted Youth 2013

Concentrate on the

Life Won't Wait

Love Who You Love

Another Night at the Hard Rock

City Hall - North Entrance

Philadelphia on a Cold Saturday Night

No President can be Judge, Jury, and Executioner!

You are a Commodity

Airheads - Movie Poster

My Minimalist Movie Posters

Every once in a while, I’ll sit at my desk, not sure what to do for a design project, and I’ll look over at my DVD collection next to me. The first one I did was for Office Space, and my favorite would be the one for Airheads. It’s always interesting to try and think of a central theme or item from a movie that helps everyone to either understand the point of the movie, and bring about some nostalgia about it. Largely because of the later is the reason I try not to do a lot. Nostalgia is awesome, but moving ahead is better.

So sit back, enjoy these posters, and remember how much you enjoyed these movies before, and will enjoy them again!
Airheads-  Movie Poster
This is Spinal Tap Movie Poster
Taxi Driver Movie Poster
Office Space Movie Poster

How I Met Lamb of God

The piece you see is one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever created. In 2012, I heard Lamb of God, easily one of my favorite bands of all time, was coming to Philadelphia and were going to have a Meet-and-Greet before the show. I decided that since I couldn’t make it to the show I would at least get Lamb of God to sign something for me, so after some thought, I decided to just go ahead and do a gig poster JUST for them. Literally! I only made 3 copies: Two for me and one for them. The plan was to get two small ones, give them one, and one large version to get signed that I could put up on my wall.

The tale of the piece itself is something else: I had the idea for years but never knew how to pull it off, until it finally clicked. But this isn’t about that, so you can read the history here.

When I arrived at the FYE at Broad and Chestnut, I had run over from work which was just down the street, just 7 blocks away, and I was near the end of the line. I spoke to other awesome fans, met an awesome rep from Sony who took my photo with the poster, and I was getting really excited! Finally, the moment arrived and I got to meet the band, and, despite how many times I’ve met or worked with famous people or someone I admire, I still was starstruck! I wound up barely talking and just having a giant grin on my face! The band was incredibly nice, and they signed the new album, “Resolution”, for me along with the posters. They were all really thrilled with it and like it!

That’s when I got to Randy Blythe, the front man for Lamb of God. He always stood tall to me… partly because he’s a good foot taller than me, but also because he has one hell of a voice! His personality shone through, and he loved the poster! He wound up taking a photo of it and putting it on his Twitter feed! Randy then turned to me and asked, “Hey, are you going to the show tonight?” “No, I can’t, I don’t have a ticket, but I really hope you have a great show tonight!” That’s when he turned to someone and handed me a piece of cloth. “Enjoy the show tonight, man, you earned it!” It was a pass to the show! I could hardly believe it!

I wound up walking down the stairs from the meet-and-greet and out the door with a giant grin on my face! I couldn’t believe it! Not only did I get to meet one of my favorite bands, not only did they like my work, but I just got a free ticket to the show right from them! It was surreal, and like I could hear people calling my name. And they were. “LARRY!” I turned around, all the guys in Lamb of God were yelling my name… because I left my CD up there.

I mentioned at least once how awesome it would be to actually get to do some design work for them, and who knows, maybe it’ll come true soon.

My Modern Propaganda Posters

I love doing Propaganda posters. In the past few years, I’ve done some from faux-propaganda to real posters for real events to help gain support for a cause.

The one thing that I usually do is go for a more “classic” look, with a focus on Art-Deco, Constructionism, and Art-Nouveau styles. This time, I decided to just go a completely different route and focus on more modern design techniques. There wasn’t a set agenda; I just wanted to do something different. If something came to mind, I would do a poster on it.

I wound up doing one based on my feelings about how marketers treat and use modern social networking and treat it, and in the turn the people who use it, as a commodity. Another one made fun of the “going green” movement, another on how the Great Recession is only over for the rich, and finally I did one during Rand Paul’s Filibuster.

You Are a Commodity

Go Green!

The Recession is Over!

No President has the Right to Kill

Creative 365: The Best of February

The Creative 365 project is me doing everything I can to do something amazing and creative every single day for a year! Every month, I plan on posting the best pieces from it for you here!

This month was a rough one. I wound up going through a few things, and near the end I was able to start coming up with some amazing illustrations!

Metal Heart

KMFDM 2013 Gig Poster

Hula Girl

This is Spinal Tap Movie Poster

Boring Music for Boring People

Bad Devil


Metal Heart

Wednesday 13 – Curse The Living T-Shirt

Wednesday 13 - Curse The Living T-Shirt

Sometimes, dreams DO come true.

Back in October of 2011, I saw Wednesday 13 was going to play The Troc here in Philadelphia, and I decided to take the initiative to do a gig poster for the show. The show was packed and I had one hell of a good time! Wednesday 13 saw the piece and I wound up printing him out a copy with my contact info.

Fast forward to December of 2012.

I got a message from his management and, long story short, I got commissioned to do a shirt for him! He had a specific idea, and even sent me an original sketch of what layout he wanted. I kept my art incredibly true to it, and I’m glad to hear that he liked the piece, too!

The design is based on Vincent Price’s character Matthew Hopkins in the 1968 film “Witchfinder General”. I actually never got to hear the song, “Curse The Living”, before I drew it, and I’m still dying to get my hands on the new album “The Dixie Dead” so I can. That said, I wound up listening to all his solo work while working on it.

In the end, I’m incredibly proud of this shirt and I had a great time doing it! This was a dream come true, and hopefully I’ll get to work for more people I look up to and admire!

The shirt is being sold on his 2013 West Coast tour, and hopefully will be available for a long, long, long time!

Artwork on the shirt (C) 2013 Wednesday 13, LLC, all rights reserved.