Ladies and Gentlemen, you have been warned!

Yes, I am pleased as hell to present to you the flier and the line-up for “The Youth is Revolting!”, my first art show EVER! It is being presented by the greatest music store in Philadelphia, Digital Ferret, as part of their 4th Friday Series! As an added note, I want to point out that even if you can’t come out to the show, please come down during the month of June one day and look around.

The line up is as follows:


ninetwelve (Lukotyk Records)
red this ever (from Baltimore!)
DJ Boston

I had never heard either band until today, and I can honestly say nintetwelve are the most interesting. They only have one song on their profile, but it’s really good. It’s dance/electronica mixed with industrial. I think it was inspired by Aeon Flux, one of my favorite shows of all time.

So, that said, this is going to be one heck of a show! I’ve been planning it since late-January and its actually nearly done in terms of planning. What’s left it putting it all together. I’ll have a lot of posts about putting an art show together which, in the end, I want to turn into one really good, really smart article.

WELCOME To The Official Larry West Productions Blog!

I decided to start a new blog dedicated to only posting about news and events of a professional artist nature on this blog, called “Larry West Productions: The Blog”. The launch coincides with the launching of the official website for myself, Larry West, at Larry West Productions.

So, since I get a sort of new start, let me start by explaining why, exactly, it’s called “Larry West Productions”.
Larry West Productions is named so because I do a whole host of things! While the primary focus is, and always will be, on illustration, I have expanded myself so I can do great graphic design work, web design, photography, writing, and marketing, just to name a few things. Just call me a Renisance Man working during the Second Great American Depression.
Also, I have an art show coming up! Updates will be coming in as much as possible, but just now this: It will be May 22nd at Digital Ferret Records at 7PM – 10PM.