Creative 365: Best of December

The Creative 365 project is me doing everything I can to do something amazing and creative every single day for a year! Every month, I plan on posting the best pieces from it for you here!

Of all the months in this project, December was the hardest. I was working on a bunch of different commissions at the start of the month, along with a full-time job, and that left little time to do something for myself or to just relax. Even after all the digital illustrations, it was tough for me to sit-down and start illustrating again at my desk. By Christmas Eve I had built my new desk, which really inspired me to draw like crazy!

You Are Beautiful

At the Mountains of Madness

Art Studio V.12999

Holiday Card 2013

Seasons Greetings from Jewelers Row

Demonic Abbess - Pencils

Electronic Dominatrix 2013

Illustrator Problem #243