Creative 365: Two Weeks In

Creative 365: Two Weeks In


So 7 years ago (holy hell, it WAS that long ago!), I tried my first 365 project. You can see the failed attempt here. I made it to nearly 2 months, and had about 22 finished pieces, 18 penciled pieces, and missed a total of 11 days. What I learned from this failed attempt was that between getting ready for my Senior Showcase, going to school, and looking for a job, I wasn’t really ready to do something like that yet. I have about 4 pieces from it that I still use, and looking back there are some pieces and ideas I really wished I would go back and develop.

What have I learned from THIS go around?

I learned that I can really, really push myself more than I thought. I also learned that sometimes its better to just go with an idea than to ignore it. My “Women Shouldn’t Fight?” poster has taken a life of its own, and may be the biggest shock to me. I was also shocked how many people loved my other piece, “Mind? Blown!”. I had Devin Townsend, one of my hero’s, tweet me that he loved the Gig Poster I did for his Philly show!

And it’s only been two weeks.

I won’t lie, I’m afraid of not being able to keep up the rate, of missing a day, or countless other things. Then again, I’m afraid of a lot of things. Let’s see where we go!