Creative 365: Being Creative Every Day for a Year

The purpose of the Creative 365 Project is actually very simple: Create something every day for a year.

The original concept was born years ago when I wanted to do a drawing a day for a year. The idea, sadly, fell through fast when I started to suffer burnout. So the idea sat around for a few years until about December of 2012. After a few amazing events, I decided to bring the idea back, but instead of just doing a drawing a day, I decided to explore all my other creative areas. From Illustration to Graphic Design, from Photography to Music, I rarely like to limit myself.

So the rules for myself are simple: At least ONE creative achievment a day.

For the first day I designed and coded a large chunk of the website, but not everything. So while the goal is to have a finished piece, the reality may be just getting incredibly close to one. Illustration is one thing; web coding is another. The same with sculpture and writing. In some cases a finished piece may be combining 30 other pieces.

At the end of the year, my goal is to have pushed myself as an artist and do things I’ve never done before, and start seeing things in new ways. After about 11 days, the project is going well, and I’ve created a lot of things I never thought I would! The demands of having a tight deadline is a mix blessing: Sometimes I come up with something great, sometimes I wish I had a little more time to flesh out the idea. Then again, who says I can’t go back and flesh out an idea some more?

Check out the Creative 365 Project.