True Sounds of Liberty – TSOL Gig Poster 2011

TSOL Gig Poster

What are the true sounds of liberty?

It’s anger, fury, and the refusal to surrender and die in the face of evil! Its the anger and fury that comes from the oppression of those who are not represented. It’s the sound of someone furious at their government for not doing what they should, and the even greater fury that those entrusted to keep liberty in check either fail or ignore their duty to either govern or even vote for the proper caretakers.

Its the sound of someone crying out in hunger as they die from starvation while the world around them is fat and over-fed!

Its the sound of joy when victory is had, when evil fails and the freedom of the millions wins. It’s the sound or rockets blasting in the night air, of a happy family, of someone achieving their potential.

This piece is struggling to do all of that at once, and the face alone reminds you that liberty comes at a price, and sometimes its painful as all hell!