One of Those Years…

Its been one of those weird years for me. When, during the entire time you’re bitching and moaning about nothing happening, where you don’t think ANYTHING is really getting done, and you feel like you’re spinning your wheels the entire time.

Then, when you need to sit down and put something together as a sort of retrospect, you look back and go… WOAH! I did more than I thought! Its been a pretty good year!

I launched my Black Label line this year, and even though I didn’t do as much as I wished for now, I have a lot more in my back pocket planned for the future. I also entered a contest to try and create a new logo for the City of Philadelphia that I’m incredibly proud of! I got an awesome Ace of Spades design that, in turn, finally helped me form an idea for a playing card deck!

I did gig posters (on my own, mind you!) for Anvil and Arch Enemy, Between the Buried and Me, Devin Townsend, Kreator, Hole, Fear Factory, and Otep! WOAH! I just realized I did eight of these this year! I also almost got to meet Otep, but I met a lot of great people because of these posters, and had a ton of fun doing them!

I also put on an awesome art show in September, “Monsters in my Head“, at Digital Ferret in September! It was a lot of fun, and a LOT of work, to pull it off! I still plan on getting a book together of all the piece that were in the show, as well as a few that weren’t!

Also, I did my first album cover for the awesome pop-punk band from Colorado, Left Foot Green! Their album “Fun With Vengeance” should be out soon, and it sounds AWESOME!

As we go into December, I’m quite pleased with where things seem to be headed for me as an artist. I’ve got some new ideas and projects in the works, and the concepts in the past may soon blossom into great things!

For now, check out my new calendar, “The Artwork of Larry West”. For the first time ever, I sat down and actually created a full poster of my work! Head on over to my shop on ArtsProjekt run by Zazzle and check it out.