MONSTERS (In My Head): The Disturbing Illustrations of Larry West

The Monsters are no longer confined to under your bed!

Philadelphia Artist/Native Larry West returns to the Philadelphia Art Scene with his next art show, “Monsters (In My Head)”. After 6 years of toil, agony, and fear, Philadelphia Artist Larry West unveils the monsters that reside in his head! An exhibit in the macabre and disturbed pieces of art that he constantly refers to as “The art of a madman”, the show will show 10 of the most raw, imaginative, and heartfelt pieces of the illustrators life.

The artwork deals with a lot of lost that the artist has gone through. “I call them the monsters in my head because, well, that’s what they are. But in a lot of ways, they’re the ones we all see. Pain, misery, loss, anger, anxiety… they all take different forms. Some are scarier than others, but all of them are always clawing away at us at one time or another.”

This marks Larry West’s second art show, as well as his second at Digital Ferret. Larry’s art will be shown in conjunction with live performances by Worms of the Earth, Vicious Alliance, and DJ Stalagmike.

The opening reception will be held September 24th at 7PM – 10pm, and the show will run until October 20th. Prints of all the pieces will be available for purchase.

Larry West’s artwork can be viewed at his website:

About Larry West: Larry West is best known for his 2007 run for Mayor of Philadelphia. He has since then taken a larger turn towards his artwork, and still comments constantly about politics in Philadelphia, and the world.