Why Is Samas Aran so Over-Sexualized?

Growing up, Samas Aran looked like this:

Which was really cool. For the longest time, almost even especially today, women in video games were either A) Helpless princesses who needed a man to save them, B) For decoration, or C) Not able to do anything cool other than to look really hot.

Samus was the exception to the rule. In the first Metroid game, you spent the entire time kicking butt and taking names in one of the largest, most complicated video games for its time. Learning that it was a woman named Samus under the armor the entire time made it even cooler, because… well, you kinda didn’t care. You cared more about the fact that the game was awesome, and that was secondary. Fast-forward to 1993 and Super Metroid, and the games are getting better, harder, and even more epic.

Over the years, she’s been the single GREATEST thing to happen to women in video games. She doesn’t have a deep voice, is incredibly strong minded and fiercely dominate and independent. She is, in a word…. cool.

Now lets come to today:

She isn’t delicate or hard on the eyes, but its getting annoying.

Look, I’m all for drawing hot women… but this is just… no. A glance at my art may tell differently, but the truth is, I’m actually not some sexist pig who think women are sex objects. Fuck no! In fact, I think women tend to be a lot smarter than men on a daily basis, and I’d rather talk to a woman who has a brain then a Pamela Anderson-esq woman.

What’s happened over the past 10 years is that we’ve seen Samus out of her armor more and more and I think it actually is hurting her. When she isn’t in her armor, she isn’t out kicking ass, destroying Metroids, and freeing planets. No, instead she’s basically looking hot. Well, except for Super Smash Bros… but you get the idea.