Comic Book in Progress?

So, I want to address something that comes up a lot, and that’s me working on comic books.

One common thing I hear whenever I show my work to just about anyone is that I should do comic books. When I started to draw, and I mean REALLY get serious about then in 1998 when I was 13, it was because I wanted to draw comics. Bad. Really bad. That’s virtually all I wanted to do throughout high school and most of college.

I guess you’re now wondering what happened?


I wanted to do a book for years and years, and I have one book series in particular that I really want to do, and have since 1998. It went through a bunch of reforms, ideas, reinventions, etc, and I actually had a few finish issues. So why is there no comics? Why is there nothing online about this?

In truth, there is. Morise Comics was the name of the company I started, and the domain is where I host all my art. I posted some pages, merchandise… everything. In fact, its still around only to see if there’s any interest. But because I wasn’t happy with everything, I scrapped it.

Over the last five years, the originally idea went to the background and I decided to simply start over. That, in turn, went back and I let it go. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t enjoyable, but it had to happen. In 2007, I had an idea for a book based on a sketch, and I really enjoyed the idea and concept, and I decided to knock this out as a series before working on the series I had basically spent 9 years developing.

And here we are today.

I haven’t published, in nearly 12 years, one comic book. I’ve had ideas and ideas, and more sketches than I can name. I’ve rewritten the script for the series I want to do now more times than I can count, and I can’t commit to something I like. Its frustrating and irritating, and to a point, devastating. You can’t imagine how many times I’ve done to my art desk to start on my book, only to stop, stare at the paper, and walk away because I wasn’t happy with something.

The pencils aren’t good enough, the backgrounds don’t look right, the style of the book is inconsistent, I didn’t leave enough room for a word balloon… it really sucks. I KNOW I can knock out a great comic, I know I can write an incredible series, and I KNOW I can do something awesome!

But I still haven’t in 12 years.

Is there a comic book in progress right now? Yes. Will I ever get it done? I have no idea.