Tips for Upcoming Web Designers

OK, I’m far enough along to announce this: There is a new website in the works.

Its not a revision of my current site; its a brand-new, never did it before site. And it is going to rock!

I just want to add this for all the upcoming designers and coders. Here are some tips for always staying fresh:

  1. ALWAYS do something different for every site you do! Back in 2008 when I redid my personal website, I broke out of my habit of using HTML Tables for the entire layout of my site and switched to CSS. This time, I’m learning how to use Javascript and PHP.
  2. DON’T always follow the heard. It’s tempting and easy, but don’t. I’ve written about my hatred of Web 2.0 a lot. It isn’t about the technology, but how bland it is. Be daring and exciting, and more people will come to your site!
  3. Learn a lot about SEO! I was talking to a friend about naming conventions and if they meant anything to SEO. In terms of CSS coding, it doesn’t, but name your images and pages what they are. And read SEO 2.0! GREAT blog!
  4. Learn some new web technology! Its smart to stay ahead of the curve, or at the very least, start catching up with everyone else. HTML 5 is coming soon, and so is CSS3. Learn some and start building your sites around them.
  5. Take a Break! If you’re like me, you can’t stand not working on a web site project until its done. Make sure you get up, have fun, and enjoy life!

Well that’s all I have for now. Stay strong and Happy New Year!