The Creative Process: A Look At How an Average Day Goes

Today is what I would call an average day for me and a real look at how, exactly, the “creative process” works. Or, more accurately, how a day goes when I want to do something but can’t.

A day off. It’s rare, it seems, that a day comes along when I don’t have to go to work and, on top of that, don’t have to cram in all the stuff I normally try to cram in doesn’t need to be done. Today was that rare day where I could actually do what I wanted without my friends most likely wanting to hang out.

I woke up early, around 7AM, and watched cartoons for an hour before going down the stairs to my desk to draw. I watch Batman: The Animated Series and it put me into a decent mood. As I sat down at my desk, I reflected on the joy I had the night before cranking out a two-page spread for a comic book I had been dying to do for now years and the next two-page spread, this time a full-out splash page, to do.

The problem? Despite laying out the book already and being happy with the layouts, I was having second thoughts about the pacing of the book and what should go where.

What normally happens in these situations is that I get pissed off, say “fuck this!” and go away from the desk and do something else. This time I went back upstairs and watched more Batman. A lot. I spent a few hours pissed off, left the house for a bit to get some coffee, and came back and watched more TV. After nearly 8 hours of this, I finally felt confident and happy enough to get something done.

The result? I laid out the spread and didn’t do much in the end.