Why Modern Art and Design Sucks Part 1: Whats Wrong?

I’m 24, and I already feel like the old man on his porch complaining about why things were so much better when he was younger. I can only imagine how bad I’ll be in another 40 years.

There are a lot of things that, frankly, piss me off about modern art and design. I hate using generic fonts for everything, I hate that people seem to have forgotten that seeing an image is more important than filling the space with typography. I hate the fact that non-sequiter images next to words and logos are celebrated and not ridiculed for being stupid, pointless, and detracting from the actual message. I am sick of bubble-esq effects on everything, and the idea that a great big white world is the best way to layout and design things.

I’m sick and tired of no one daring to be creative where it counts. There are countless inspiration websites and blogs, but in the end, the ideas and concepts are either overdone or not applied in ways that would work. If I see one more fucking “exploding person” effect, I will punch the designer who did it in the face as hard as I possibly fucking can and piss in their face. I’m sick of automatically trying to re-create the style of Def Leopards album covers using modern effects, and in turn losing all the fun and creativity that was made there because the designers and artists doing it bring NOTHING to the table.

I’m sick of animation being boring. Animators not picking up pencils and learning and understanding character design and traditional techniques and rules, and then learning how to bend and break them to create something brilliant for themselves. I’m sick of cartoons not being daring, trying to do anything new or different, and I am sick and tired of those fucking assholes at Williams Street Studios trying to pass off another shittly-animated and poorly-written cartoon as “brilliant” down the throats of people who actually LOVE animation! I am sick of ABC, CBS, and NBC not trying to create new programming for children, new animated shows, and instead play it safe with shows that only meet the E/I standards and that SUCK.

What’s wrong with modern art and design? NO ONE HAS THE BALLS TO SAY IT SUCKS AND DO SOMETHING DARING!

We’re at a point where we have some of the most powerful and dynamic artistic tools in the history of mankind at our disposal, and we are forced-fed mediocrity time and time again. In truth, it would be arrogant and foolish to pretend that this was never the case; truly, the history of all mankind means mediocrity rises while creativity falls to the wayside. The problem now, though, is that thanks to the world we live in, thanks to the cohesive nature of the world we live in now where anyone can get their idea to the world in a week if they try hard enough, it is easier to spread crap and praise it and harder to praise genius and creativity.

So what’s wrong? No one is willing to take a chance and really follow their dreams.

Who am I? Who am I to come out and try to act like I know what I’m talking about, like I’m some big shot? I’m not. I’m just an illustrator/designer from Philadelphia who’s pissed off as hell about what he’s seen and dealt with and wants to create things and help everyone make this world a better designed place. Or at least more interesting.