Rejection: How I Learned how to Deal With It

When it comes to rejection, I would joke I’m the king of it, but I’m really not. It isn’t because I’ve been turned down a lot in the past… its because I’ve been too afraid to even ask.

Then again, I’m talking about women. In this case, we’re talking about art, and that’s a different beast all together.

The best way to describe where I am as an artist is “just starting out”. It feels like a kick in my ass whenever I say it, but it is where it is. I guess in college I was an “educated amateur” and in high school I was “that crazy kid who draws and carries an orange tool box.” I’ve had one high-profile job, but otherwise its been odd-jobs. It’s getting to the point where I’m seeing what I can only call an actual demand for my work as an illustrator/artist instead of a graphic designer. Then again, this is actually about being both.

Rejection. It isn’t fun. Getting where I am now wasn’t even, and its basically the top of the bottom.