My Art Show Went Really Well!

Wow, what a night!

After 4 months of planning and a ton of work, I finally had my art show! I had everything laid out at home, it took a while to print, mount, and hang everything, and the flyers made were wrong, and there was little to no press about it, or the two bands playing.

In the end, the opening night of the show went great! Most of my friends were able to make it, even people I hadn’t seen much in the last 6 months, and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive from the crowd! The bands Red This Even and Ninetwelve played, they did a great job! Red This Ever really dug my stuff, which was pretty cool.

I sold 5 prints myself, I have one more in the wait, and demand is pretty high. My boss even bought 2 of my pieces, which simply floored me! It was incredible, very flattering, and I’m enjoying my little moment right now.

If you live in the area or will be in Philly during the weekend or from now until mid-June, the show will still be up, so please feel free to come down and take a peek.